February 2010

When Two Become One

Remember this song?   OKAY – Clip-in shoes are awesome.  I can’t believe I put getting them off for this long!  It makes the ride so comfortable, fast, and fun.  I felt like my bike was an extension of my legs!  I can’t believe how much I was fighting my bike when I wore sneakers [...]



Good times were had last night!  :) I went out with Megan, Kelly, and Megan’s friend Taylor.  There’s a really fun bar about 0.5 mile from Megan’s place… perfect for walking home if you need to! :)   We hung out at Megan’s new apartment for a little bit, doing the girl chat thing.  Taylor [...]


Vegetable Korma

Ever since we went to that Indian restaurant in Bath, England, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Vegetable Korma.  Korma is a light, sweet curry sauce.  A very good curry for “beginners!”  I just like the taste.  :)   I found this jar of organic Korma at Earthfare when I was visiting my mom [...]


Workout Playlist

Have I mentioned that I’ve been jamming to the best workout playlist lately? All really good tunes to pound the pavement to!  :)   Unfortunately, my plans for a bike ride was thwarted.  I got sucked into the work vortex, and when I came to, it was pouring!  I don’t mind running in the rain, [...]


Hello, Ground. My Name is Caitlin.

I have been putting this off for about two weeks…  I HAVE to learn how to use clip-in shoes on my bike.  The thought of being attached to my bicycle and falling over is really scary!   Most cyclists cannot believe I rode a Metric Century (race recap) without clip-in shoes.  Clip-in shoes make it [...]


Couch Crunch

Every time I think about moving all of our stuff to North Carolina (in June!), I get so anxious.  Moving is such a pain!    Instead of sitting on that negative energy, I’ve been cleaning out and organizing one closet/drawer at a time.  It will make it SO much easier to pack in May.  Today, [...]


Like a College Student

I had a meeting on the University of Central Florida (UCF) campus this morning… UCF is SO BIG!  I totally got lost trying to find the right building. I went to the University of Pittsburgh from 2002 – 2006.  PITT is a medium-sized school, but the campus is open and integrated in the city.  A [...]


Operation Beautiful Announcements!

Did you miss the Healthy Living Summit 2010 announcement?   It looks like a delicious bowl of oatmeal… But, it tasted like soap!? I didn’t put soap in it!   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup rice milk 1 sliced banana Toppings: brown sugar, cinnamon, flax, blueberries   I ate it regardless of [...]


Healthy Living Summit 2010

I decided that I wasn’t too sick to go to the gym, so I packed up my swim gear and put on my running clothes.  I started off by banging out 2.8 miles outside in 28 minutes.  I park my car at the gym and then run around the neighborhoods – I hate running on [...]


Should I Exercise When I’m Sick?

I am in love with grilled veggie sandwiches.  We have a special connection. I used to eat SO much deli meat, but between hummus, bean, and veggie sandwiches, I don’t miss it at all.   Lunch: I had grilled zucchini and mushroom (I marinate the veggies in low sodium soy sauce before grilling) with melted [...]


A Little Bit at a Time

Morning.  Sorry for the delay – my sickness knocked me out, and it took an extra hour to rise from my bed.  I feel a little better now that I’m moving around.    Breakfast: My pumpkin oatmeal contained:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup rice milk 1/2 cup water 1 sliced banana 1/4 cup pumpkin [...]


A Decision

 Thanks to all your comments… I made a decision about the triathlon (I was debating the Sprint and Olympic distances).  I went with…. OLYMPIC! Gulp! So… here’s the reasons I decided to go all the way:   My BFF Lauren (who ran the marathon with me and has done two triathlons) e-mailed me to say, [...]


Cowardly or Courageous?

I REFUSE to get sick.  Do you hear that, immune system?  You cannot quit on me now!   Obviously, I’m not feeling my best.  :(  I don’t feel sick-sick, but I’ve got that nagging sensation in my neck, shoulders, and chest that an illness is coming.    I’m giving this stuff a shot: Absolutely no [...]



I woke up extra early today to tackle my To Do List. I’ve had some questions recently about what the Husband and I do for a living.  Both of our careers are a little unique so I thought I’d share some details!   The Husband is in his last semester of a Master’s program to [...]

Healthy Tipping Point