January 2010


Today was kind of unusual because I met up with Ryan, Ashley, and Katy for a wonderful 90-minute yoga session.    I love yoga at College Park Yoga.  It’s such a quaint, feel-good studio.  I had never done the 90-minute class before, but it was fine!  There weren’t too many crazy vinyasas so I left [...]



Don’t forget to enter the Spice Inc giveaway!   Yesterday’s discussion on PETA sure got interesting, huh?  I’d venture to say it’s the best comments discussion ever on Healthy Tipping Point!  I really love it when people can have differing opinions without getting all nasty.  If I didn’t hear other people’s opinions, I would never [...]


Mushroom Pizza

French bread pizza for dinner… mmmm! To add some veggies to my diet, I stir-fried a white slices white mushrooms and added them to the pizza (under a nice, thick layer of melty mozzarella cheese). For a dessert, I had three chocolate praline sea shells and a bowl of cherries: And my afternoon snack was [...]


Oh, Controversy! What Do You Think of PETA?

I had a rather interesting Twitter exchange with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) this afternoon.  It started after I read this blog post from PETA about Gail Shea, Canada's minister of fisheries and oceans, who supports baby seal hunting.  Shea was pied in the face by a rather extremist supporter of PETA. [...]


Lunge and Lift

It’s still so rainy outside.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it clears up! I get nervous about biking in rain or through puddles!  The last thing I need is a crash – whether it’s in the car or on the bike.   Lunch was leftovers: I cooked 1/2 cup (measured dry) bulgur and doused [...]


Spices Inc Giveaway

This is embarrassing to admit, but the cinnamon in my pantry is approximately 3 years old.  I know this because it’s an off-brand from the grocery store next to my old job in Pittsburgh.  So when Spices Inc offered to send me some new spices, I jumped at the chance. I received Chill Country Chili [...]


An Epic Swim

I have a good workout and a wonderful dinner to share!  :)   Today’s workout was a back-to-back run and swim.  First, I started with Legs Day of the Intro To Iron Pumping Challenge:   Day 2: Legs Warm Up: 5 minutes of cardio Lunge and Lift:  3 x 12 (novice system) for each leg [...]


Day with the Dogs

I really wanted to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather this morning!  The Husband felt the same way, so we decided to take the dogs to downtown Orlando and explore.   First, we made breakfast at home to save a little money: That’s a mini whole wheat bagel, a dippy egg, grapes, and EVOO-fried [...]


Hidden Mickeys

Fun night out with friends! The Husband and I met up with Lisette and Danny at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disney – they came up for Lisette’s birthday – and then we went to dinner at BJ’s Brewery.   Before we left for Disney, I had a banana with peanut butter: I feel like [...]


Weekends are for Working Out

It feels so good to get back to long-workout weekends!  Although I’m trying to develop a weight-lifting habit with the Intro to Iron Pumping Challenge, I really am a cardio queen at heart.   My foot was feeling a lot better today, so I decided to test out my new shoes and orthotics (I wear [...]


Pumpkin Spice Latte Baked Oatmeal

After 10 hours of sleep, I feel much better about life in general.  :)   A wonderful breakfast doesn’t hurt, either!  Presenting… Pumpkin Spice Latte Baked Oatmeal: One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the special flavored coffees from Starbucks.   And, in my opinion, the best is Pumpkin Spice!   Baked oatmeal [...]


Chocolate Seashells

I am so grateful it’s Friday evening.  The Husband and I are relaxing and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.   Being a homebody isn’t so bad.  :)   I really wanted to go on a run today, but I had a headache that wouldn’t quit.  I did, however, get a lot of work [...]


The Roastess with the Mostess

I am normally really good at “triaging” To Do Lists and tackling my items in order of importance, but this is freaking me out: Two of the five items left of my To Do List (the Healthy Living Summit and the Operation Beautiful redesign) are SO time-consuming and such LARGE projects that I’m literally trembling [...]


Emotional Eating

After my car accident, I was not in the best mood last night.  However, the appearance of my BFF Lisette and her husband, Danny, made me feel so much better! Lisette had a rough day, too, so we proceeded to forget our worries and reminisce about the good old days over beer: And curly fries: [...]

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