Other Healthy Tipping Points

Morning!  Alright – so maybe three glasses of wine + two desserts was not the best thing for me to eat right before bed.  I’ve cleaned up my diet considerably since getting serious about the marathon, and the alcohol + sugar overload from last night kept me up for hours.  Ugh.  I’ve learned my lesson [...]


Ben’s 120 Pound Journey

Have you seen this latest and greatest You Tube sensation?  Meet Ben, who slimmed down from 360 pounds to 240 pounds in 21 months and fell in love with running.  He ran a 5K, a Half Marathon, a Marathon, and then…  Well, you should really just watch the video to find out!   I watched [...]


Hello friends!  I am currently running 15 miles (gulp) but I wanted to leave you with a bit of inspiration.  For my Healthy Tipping Point series, I profile people who have changed their lives and found a healthy balance.  I occasionally profile people who have overcome an eating disorder.  EDs and issues such as depression, [...]


I’m about to leave for a 13.1 mile training run, but the weather currently looks like: Not sure what the ramifications of this will be (Soaked and chafing? splashing in puddles like a 4 year-old?), but I’m going to give it a shot!  A little rain never hurt anyone.   In the meantime…  I’ve got [...]


A Slow Switch

Good morning!  After four nights in a (haunted) hotel, it was so nice to wake up in my own bed next to the Husband, James, and Maggie.  :)  A yogurt mess!  I had Honey Greek Yogurt, cinnamon-encrusted almonds, a mix of oatmeal and a fibery cereal, and a banana. Yes, it was as good as [...]


Seeing is Believing!

Wooo to the hooo! :) Today is a crazy day for me, but that’s a GOOD thing.  I decided to detach myself from the computer and walk to a nearby deli for lunch.  The Husband and the pups tagged alone.  Which means I carried Maggie several blocks. (Showering, like cooking my own lunch, is currently [...]


You Deserve It, Too

Morning!  Today looks like a busy day on my agenda, and I bet it does on yours, too.  So let’s get to it!   Breakfast: One great yogurt mess. In the mix:   1 serving honey Greek yogurt Flax Cinnamon 1/2 cup oatmeal Banana Blueberries Perfection It’s that time again – I’ve got a Healthy [...]


C25K Success Story

I was starving for lunch by 11:30 AM!  Not sure why my breakfast didn’t hold me over as well as it normally would.  I ate an early lunch and all was well in the world again.   So, I used to think that leftover salad always went gross, but I recently discovered the key is [...]


Morning!  I am SO sore from No More Trouble Zones yesterday!  It really is a challenging workout, especially when you’re not used to any sort of strength training.  I feel myself getting stronger already.  :)   I was up really late putting together IKEA furniture and now I have a desk and 1/2 a bookcase.  [...]


I occasionally include guest posts from readers/bloggers who inspire me.  I call these posts “Healthy Tipping Points” because they relate a person’s story of finding a healthy balance.  Here’s a list of the other HTP stories I’ve posted.  When Freya emailed me with her story, I realized I haven’t included a story from someone who [...]


Ever wonder what’s a Healthy Tipping Point?   I wasn’t always the healthiest person.  In fact, I spent most of my college years drinking beer and partyin’ way too hard.  I spent most days on the couch and many nights at the bar!  As a result, I was constantly exhausted and emotionally burnt out.  But [...]


Another sneaky way to squeeze in vegetables! A cold mashed sweet potato makes an excellent addition to a bowl of yogurt + raw oatmeal.   Mashed sweet potatoes aren’t time-consuming to prepare.  All I do is wash the potato, stab it with a fork, wrap it in a wet paper towel, and microwave it for [...]


Before a big race, there are three things that I absolutely must do:   Lay out all my gear in an organized manner. Eat a satisfying, carb-rich meal. Get a good night’s sleep!   First step:   For a 60-mile bike race, I packed:   Helmet Shoes and Socks Gloves Sunglasses Garmin 305 Sunscreen Tire [...]


I should’ve realized that I was going to be a gigantic waste of space today after running 18.0 miles.  The nice thing about being self-employed is that you make your own hours, but TRUST ME, I still have a ton of work to do (like, err, write a book in 4.5 weeks).  Today definitely needed [...]

Healthy Tipping Point