Other Healthy Tipping Points

I should’ve realized that I was going to be a gigantic waste of space today after running 18.0 miles.  The nice thing about being self-employed is that you make your own hours, but TRUST ME, I still have a ton of work to do (like, err, write a book in 4.5 weeks).  Today definitely needed [...]


Thank goodness it's Friday!  I have a packed day, but I'm really looking forward to my packed weekend.  :)   I woke up to a delicious breakfast: I made two Hodgson's InstaBake whole wheat waffles with a little dash of cinnamon added in. I topped my waffles with 1/4 cup Oikos yogurt, maple syrup, and [...]


Today's morning post is brought to you by a reader named Beth.  Enjoy!   When Caitlin changed the name of her blog from See Bride Run to Healthy Tipping Point,  I didn't give much thought to the meaning behind the terminology. Like so many bloggers and blog readers, I, too had once had a healthy [...]

Healthy Tipping Point