The other day, I tried to wrap my hands around Henry’s torso and discovered that my fingertips no longer touched.  He is getting so big and packin’ on the ounces like it’s his job! As of yesterday, Henry is eight weeks old.  It’s crazy that eight weeks have already passed… but at the same time, [...]


The Only Child

At Girls on the Run, we played an ice breaker game that is similar to Bingo – but you search for teammates with certain characteristics.  One of the squares is for an only child.  Season after season, I had to scribble my name in the box for one of the teams because out of 15 [...]


Everyone talks about how mommas-to-be experience an urge to ‘nest’ right before their baby comes – and part of this nesting phenomenon is buying baby gear.  I know that I really worried about buying all the right gadgets and gizmos – as well as the right necessities, too.  Being stocked up and supplied makes you [...]


New Mom Wishes

I wish “sleep when the baby sleeps” was as easily done as it is said.   I wish that Henry was born with a manual instead of a placenta.   I wish my dogs had opposable thumbs and could do the housework.   I wish I could gently levitate a sleeping Henry with my mind [...]


The Breast Advice

True story:  This morning, I was at a mom’s group, sitting in a circle with four other women and their babies, when I reached down into my diaper bag to pull out a blanket.  I stood up, shook it out, and out fell a bright blue thong. Of course, I was mid-sentence so everyone was [...]


I have a feeling that I’ll begin every post this way, but seriously – how has a month after passed since I gave birth to Henry?!   He cannot possibly be four weeks old yet!  He’s growing up too fast.   You can check out my first post-pregnancy update here – Mind and Body After Baby [...]


SAHM Morning

Thursdays are one of my stay-at-home-mom days while the Husband works.  I work on Monday and Friday, and the Husband gets to be a SAHD.  Our schedule is going quite well; we’re lucky our jobs are both so flexible.  One of the tweaks that we’ve made to our plan is that the SAH parent gets [...]


Waiting to Find Out: Boy or Girl?

I have always known that I wouldn’t want to find out my baby’s sex while pregnant.  Even when I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to be surprised.   There were multiple reasons for waiting:  I liked the mystery of waiting; I thought waiting would be a good motivator during labor; and, to a [...]


Race the Clock

My goal was to go on a longer walk this morning, but I was up against two major time crunches:  the sun and Hungry, Hungry Henry.   As mentioned numerous times, we’re in the middle of a pretty intense heat wave.  If we don’t go on our walk by 9 AM, it’s far too hot [...]


Two Weeks of Henry

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since I went into labor and delivered Henry.  It feels like a lifetime has passed – but at the same time, it still feels so new. My favorite photo of Henry from the last two weeks – taken in the hospital.   After two weeks, I can [...]


Week 39 of my pregnancy compared to Week 1 of Henry’s life:   I really cannot fathom that a little person came out of my pregnant belly.  So strange!  Also, it’s really hard for me to grasp that it’s been a week since I went into labor and delivered Henry.  Where did the time go?  [...]


Missed Part I?  Here it is!   Where did we leave off?  Oh yes.  My water had broken, I had been contracting for seven hours, and I truly believed I’d be holding my baby soon.  That’s when things started to get intense.  Truthfully, the beginning of labor isn’t so bad.  Contractions aren’t long and are [...]


This is the story of how Henry was born… We have a mattress topper that I lovingly refer to as “the cloud.”  The cloud is a memory foam topper and is, quite possibly, the most amazing possession that I own.  I can’t sleep well without it.  Throughout my third trimester, I became obsessed with the [...]


Hello, Fur Brother

In some ways, it’s a normal morning over here. Yogurt mess:   Raw oatmeal Greek yogurt Blackberries Banana Salted sunflower seeds (And the biggest glass of water eeeeever.  I am so dehydrated.)   But in so many other ways, this morning is obviously very different.  We were released from the hospital yesterday afternoon so we [...]

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