March 2015

I’ve Got So Much to Share

On Instagram, I had a request to blog about tea steeping times. The post after I went to the Celestial Seasonings tea factory is filled with fun tea facts, but here’s the upshot. Also – if you don’t have a tea timer, you must get one! I have a new favorite workout tea tee.  I [...]


Nicole’s Super Soup

Holy heck.  The weather in Charlotte was BEAUTIFUL this weekend.  Especially on Sunday.  Warm and sunny and pretty much everything I think of when I think, “Spring!” Daylight Savings rocked our world – I totally forgot about it and was super confused when Claire and I woke up at 9:45 (!!).  I bolted downstairs yelling, [...]


Friday Fun

I am having a very good day!  Things started off kind of wonky.  I was snoozing away when I heard, “Mommy? Mommy?” in a tiny stage whisper.  I whipped around to see Henry next to the bed (he’s never come into our room before!) and panicked because Claire was still asleep in the cosleeper <—she’s [...]


Thursday Randomness

“Don’t wiggle, Qlaire!” <—Henry says Claire with a Q. I’ve started doing a bootcamp at my gym.  I’m committing myself to ten classes for the month of March, and then ten more in April.  I’ve decided that part of the reason that I’m historically slow on the bike ride portion of the triathlon is lack [...]


A few weeks ago, I went through a serious closet purge and donated almost all of my remaining race cotton shirts.  I was discussing the situation with a few other racing friends via text, and one suggested that I turn the leftovers into reusable shopping bags as shown in this NO SEW tutorial on Mommypotamus.  [...]


Let me Count the Steps

I’ve shied away from the fitness tracker trend because I always thought they felt a little Big Brother-ish.  But over time, I got really, really curious about the hype.  So a few heavy-handed hints to the Husband later, I received a Misfit Shine for Valentine’s Day.  I decided to go with the Shine after hearing [...]


Sunday Funday

Killer workout with my buddy Brandi yesterday! We wanted to swim, so I pulled up my Pinterest of Swim Workouts and selected one that I haven’t done in a while.  This workout was SUPER fast.  I haven’t swam 1500 yards in for-ev-er and probably would’ve struggled to just straight swim that distance – but the [...]