March 2014

Join Me at HeartBreak Hill Half Marathon!

The weather here is still fabulous, and all I want to do is lay in my hammock.  However, there’s one big problem.   Do you see it? Right over the hammock is that broken branch.  The end is pointed directly where your stomach would be if you laid down in the hammock.  It’s too high [...]


Ironman March Check-In {Plus a Henry Video}

Are you guys having awesome weather, too?  Spring has definitely sprung in Charlotte.  I just hope it lasts! It was so nice outside yesterday that I skipped my planned indoor workout (spin class) and went on a run.   My legs are still shredded from this weekend’s half marathon!  I thought I was back to normal, [...]


This post was sponsored by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. When I buy a bag of granola, I always eat the big clumps first.  I’m left with a bag of sad little oatmeal flakes.  So when I set out to craft a basic granola recipe, I knew one thing:  it had to be [...]


New Food Labels: What Do You Think?

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing changes to the ubiquitous food label. I just got a chance to read the original FDA press release about the changes, and I’m really excited about the direction of the new label.   This is what the current label looks like: And here are the proposed new labels… [...]


All The Ways My Weekend Was Awesome

First of all… we ran a half marathon!  So pleased with our time.  I’m already eyeing up other local halves that we could do soon.  Hey, why not piggyback your training while you can?! You can read the recap here.   Also, MomHTP and Dwight came to visit.  We had wonderfully hot and sunny weather [...]


Guess who ran his first half marathon today?! The Husband!  He has been training with me the entire time, but he didn’t want to officially proclaim his intent to run the race in case he’d jinx himself.  But I’m sure everyone saw this coming, as we ran all but one of our long runs together!  [...]


This post is sponsored by Aldi. I’m currently in Chicago!  I’m on a tour of Aldi’s USA headquarters with a group of other bloggers, and it’s been so much fun.  And there’s SO MUCH FOOD.  So much delicious food.   And so  many friends!  Look who I found – Meghann from Meals and Miles.  Meghann [...]


Did you know, back in Colonial America times, the population thought it was a good idea to have a new mom “lie in” bed for 3 – 4 weeks?  Female friends and family would help around the house and with the rest of the children.  This practice disappeared in the 19th century (but still exists [...]


Coffee Everywhere

Tackled this lovely mini-strength training sessions this morning. I did it in Henry’s room while simultaneously dodging rolling trucks, tossed blankies, and Maggie, who insists on licking my face every time I turn to one side for a bicycle crunch.   And then we did a family 5 mile run.  I pushed the stroller most [...]



What I’m wearing: Gray jeans from Loft (which, by the way, are on ridiculous sale), my favorite super soft tee, and my Stitch Fix scarf.  Also wearing:  a fine layer on Henry’s snot from head to toe. I am a human Kleenex.   What I’m loving: This awesome trick for mashed potatoes.  Put the entire [...]


Start March Off RIght

I’m so happy to be home.  What a long week! I woke up this morning with one thought on my mind – “JUICE!”  I opened the fridge hoping that we had enough produce to make everyone a big glass of juice and was so happy to see that we did. 2/3 packed bag of chopped [...]