January 2013

Little Words

It’s the moment that I’ve been anticipating for over seven months… This morning, Henry said… Yup.  Mama. Sure…  He said to the cat, but I’m excited nevertheless.  “Mama!” escaped those little lips.  I hope looking at me and saying it isn’t too far behind.  <3  Obviously, Mama pancakes were on the menu.   Enough though [...]



The problem:  I headed to the gym, dropped Henry off at childcare, and realized that they closed for lunch at 1 PM.  I said, “Do you mind if I swim really, really, really quick?”  The lady said no, not at all, so I practically sprinted down the hallway. Time for a speed swim.   I [...]


Cherry-Strawberry Smoothie

In the name of science, I did a little experiment this morning.  Remember how I wrote that I don’t cry when cutting onions?  Everyone said it was my contact lens.  So I took ‘em off, chopped a big old onion, and guess what?  No tears.  Explain that! The real miracle was that I chopped an [...]


Thorlo Sock Giveaway

My half marathon official race photos were posted online.  No surprises here, but they are all terrible.  The photographer was standing right where the sand transitioned from packed to squishy, and there was still another 0.1 mile to go.  The result:  I am grimacing and appear to be dropping the f-bomb in all the pictures.  [...]


Where Did the Onion Go For a Few Drinks?

We had a bit of drama this morning – the battery on our car was flat.  After we got it sorted out, I went back inside and couldn’t find the cat.  I checked in all of her usual hiding spots but Pippa was no where to be found.  Then I checked my bedroom. Well, don’t [...]


Random Thoughts

One of the best feelings in the world:  I am in bed, slowly open my eyes, and stare at the ceiling in silence.  I look at the baby monitor, and Henry is still asleep.  I have woken up before him!  Wahoo!  I creep out of bed (as not to disturb the Husband, Maggie, James, and [...]



I stared down the airport terminal and thought, “There is no way I am going to make it all the way to my gate.”  The cart transporting older folk zoomed past and I briefly considered flagging it down (but not really, mmmokay). I was SO ridiculously sore after my half marathon on Saturday.  Why oh-so-sore?  [...]


Iced Dream

Watery iced coffee, be gone. This fun and very easy coffee trick makes iced coffee so much better.  Because normally, when your ice melts, you’re just left with yucky coffee-flavored water.  But now, when your ice melts, you’re left with more coffee.  You know the movie Inception?  A dream within a dream?  Well, this is [...]



A day of rest. After my race, I wanted nothing more than to do… well, nothing… on my Sunday.  So that’s what I did.  Well, if ‘nothing’ involves stretching and foam rolling non-stop (oh, the aching!), grocery shopping, washing the sheets, and chasing after the wee one.  You know how it goes… I guess this [...]


ZOOMA Florida Half Marathon Race Recap

I just… I just don’t even know how to start.  But I will say this:  I killed it.  I pulled out a half marathon that I really and truthfully had no idea that I had inside of me.  And it feels amazing. I was so nervous going into this race.  It was my first post-baby [...]



I came to run the ZOOMA Half Marathon; I may never leave… I’m in Amelia Island, Florida for the ZOOMA Half Marathon as a brand ambassador (they also have races in Texas, Annapolis, Cape Cod, and the Great Lakes region).  The cool thing about ZOOMA races is that they are designed as ‘girlfriend getaways’ and [...]


Day Made

When my alarm went off at 5:45 AM, I was a little grumpy.  I jumped in the shower, dried off, and pumped.  When your baby is exclusively breastfed and you travel a lot for work, it’s a little stressful to count the frozen bags of milk in the freezer and realize that, give or take [...]


Say It Ain’t Snow

Drumroll, please.  The award for most uncomfortable sleeping position ever goes to…. Henry.  My future yogini. Please excuse the creeper monitor pic.   How are you guys doing?  I’m alright – we’re having a very nice day at home.  However, late last night, I developed a mysterious and crazily painful ache in my hip.  Right [...]


Even More January Joiners 2013

The last of the January Joiners, and a question for all of you at the end of the post.  Happy 2013 – may all your goals be accomplished and your wishes be fulfilled! Kerry wrote, “During my college years, I had a horrible time.  I met some lifelong friends there that I cherish, but I [...]

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