December 2011

A Day In The Life: Christmas 2011

A fellow blogger suggested chronicling Christmas as a ‘day in the life’ post, which I thought was a fun idea.  So here’s how I spent Christmas 2011, hour by hour.   10:35 AM – Following a not-so-restful night in my in-laws’ guest room, I finally actually open my eyes and consider waking up.  Listening to [...]


Merry Happy Everything

Whenever you are, whatever you celebrate, I hope the end of 2011 brings you love and light.  On behalf of the Husband, Maggie, James, BabyHTP, and myself, I wish you and your family a Merry Happy Everything!  Thanks for reading Healthy Tipping Point and supporting Operation Beautiful.  ‘Tis very, very much appreciated! May your holiday [...]


I Come Bearing Munchies

Christmas is a big deal to my in-laws.  Word is that my sister-in-law has created an epic menu that spans Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day (it’s on the 26th; it’s a British thing).  The house is decorated, and the tree is trimmed.  I was told to bring nothing but my festive smile and [...]



Just for giggles – the Husband and I, an ocean apart on our first Christmases (he was raised in England). If we have a son, I am going to make him wear a dorky sailor outfit, too.    Are you in the holiday spirit yet?  I spent the afternoon wrapping gifts and placing them carefully [...]


More Love for the January Joiners

Time for another January Joiners post!  The JJ series is intended to offer support to those who decide to utilize the New Year as motivation to get healthy and strong.  Sure, so many people set healthy resolutions every year… and most don’t take it seriously… but a few truly commit and change their lives.  And [...]


Date Night

We’re trying to make an effort to seek out cheap and unusual date ideas.  Tonight, we headed to University of North Carolina Charlotte for a Miami basketball game.  And it was a really, really good time. Plus - tickets were only $10 each!  Woo to the hoo for the family section (we always sit in [...]


Stuffed {Potato Skin} Shells

Oh my.  Oh my.  Quick – get thee to a kitchen! In my opinion, potato skins and stuffed shells are two of the most delicious foods on the planet.  Last Sunday, I was drivin’ around in my car when I suddenly had an idea… why not combine the two dishes to create a gluten-free version [...]


Holiday Time

This is how I’ve been spending my late evenings: Sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating Christmas goodies (GF pretzels with chocolate – a sweet gift!).  We’re been pulling crazy hours at the clinic to try to see patients before we close for the holidays. We don’t get home until 7 or 8, and [...]


BabyHTP: 15 Weeks

Want to know something crazy?  This week, BabyHTP is longer than an iPhone, if you include the little legs!  WHERE IS BABY HIDING?  An iPhone seems ginormous.  I have this weird theory about my insides… I don’t like to think of myself as having organs.  I prefer to think of myself as a steak.  No [...]


Reward Me

Ew.  It’s gross out.  If it was 20 degrees cooler, we’d be snow stormin’ right now.  But it’s not so we’re not, and for that – I am thankful.  Dreary day breakfast: A very simple bowl of oats:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup soy milk 1/2 cup water 1 banana Toppings: raspberries, pumpkin seeds, [...]


Love for the January Joiners

When I first decided to get healthy and change my unhealthy ways, I joined a small gym.  So many of the people at the gym were supportive, friendly, and kind, and it really influenced me to come back, day after day.  A January Joiner (JJ) is a person who jumps on the fitness bandwagon as [...]


I Like to Move It, Move It

Two awesome days of exercise. Yesterday, I ran… wait for it… 3.5 miles.  Given that I haven’t gone over a 5K in weeks, this was huge!  I was so proud of myself to bang out that extra 0.4 mile.  I’ve noticed that as pregnancy progresses, my pace continues to drop a bit, and I need [...]


When we moved to Charlotte, the Husband took up running.  He had never really joined me on runs before, but suddenly, he wanted to run with me all the time.  At first, I really liked having him around for my runs.  After a few months, however, I started to get really cranky when we ran [...]


Vegan and GF Corn Chowder

Good afternoon! While driving back from Florida, I took some time to browse recipes and write out some ideas of my own.  So hopefully, you’ll be seeing some tasty creations on the blog this week!  This vegan corn chowder is not an original recipe, although I did make a simple modification to make it gluten-free, [...]

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