October 2011

Cook Rules?

Home, sweet home. Only here for 22 hours though!  Better enjoy the sunshine and flowers and puppies and soft bed while I have the chance.   Oh – and the home cooked meals.  Definitely something to love about home. What is that secret sauce of awesomeness?  Well, I’ll give you a hint:  it’s two of  [...]


Bye, Bye ‘Burgh

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city (during the spring and summer; the sloshy snow doesn’t do it for me).  Surrounded by three rivers and flanked by hills, the city is connected by many bridges and tunnels.                        (Source) This… makes… traffic… a… nightmare.  The impending bridges [...]


Operation Beautiful at IUP

I thought I was in a normal hotel room… But then I turned a corner and discovered this Jacuzzi tub.  Why is there a Jacuzzi tub in the middle of my $80 a night hotel room in Indiana, Pennsylvania?  I do not know.  I’m just glad it’s not heart-shaped.  Or on a rotating platform! My [...]


Pumpkin Bean Spread + A Good Boss

On the road In the air again… Another week, another flurry of Operation Beautiful presentations!  I’m starting the week off with a quick jaunt to western Pennsylvania for a presentation at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.    And, of course, in typical Caitlin fashion, last night was marked by sleeplessness and nerves.  When am I going [...]


Treadmill/Elliptical Workout

Last night was all sorts of fun. We ended up going to a little restaurant called The Spotted Dog, a casual bar and restaurant with a focus on vegetarian- and vegan-friendly fares.  I immediately loved The Spotted Dog because there are pictures and statues of doggies everywhere. And – of course – we have a [...]


Carolina Blues

I’ll give University of North Carolina this:  they are very friendly to the opposing team’s fans!  Southern class through and through… very important for the Tarheels because MIAMI WON!  Wahoo.  I wouldn’t have been able to stand it if our one tailgate of the year resulted in a loss. The Husband, our friends Sean and [...]


UM v. UNC Tailgate Menu

The Husband and I LOVE to tailgate.  And after dozens of University of Miami games, we host a pretty fun tailgate experience, if I do say so myself.    Think:  great food, silly games, delicious drinks, live television (oh yeah!), and themed playlists, all under a shady tent.    It’s intense.  It’s awesome.  If my [...]


My Fav

I said a few weeks ago that I was going to pull on my big girl panties and actually do a speed swim workout (instead of just lazily swimming laps).  And guess what?!                       Said big girl panties aren’t on yet, but at least they’re [...]


I’m Trying

After my grocery store raid for canned pumpkin, you knew this was coming! I was so looking forward to Pumpkin Pancakes.  One of my favorite things to eat during the Fall and Winter!  This morning, I tried this 1-2-3 Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancake mix.  I’ve only tried one other GF pancake mix and it was [...]


POM Tempeh

I will tell you the epic story of my crazy car repair later, but now for - let's focus on THIS: After hunting for canned pumpkin (specifically, Libby's brand - the best) all over Charlotte for weeks, I FINALLY found a ton at a grocery store in Knoxville.  And I stocked up.  Clearly.    Let's [...]


Pure Coconut

Hard to imagine that just two days ago, I woke up in Puerto Rico, pulled on my bathing suit, and laid by the pool until it was time for breakfast.  It’s gross and raining here in Tennessee (where I’m currently stuck).  Rain, rain – go away! Despite the chilly weather, I was craving something cold [...]


The $500 Sleepover

Oh, hell. Don’t ask me how I did it (because I still don’t know) but I managed to clip a curb three blocks from my mom’s house, pop two tires, and ruin a rim.  What I initially thought would be a simple tow-and-swap quickly became a massive headache as I realized that no one in [...]


A Quick Trip to TN

Today’s big activity is driving to and from Knoxville, Tennessee to pick my dogs up from MomHTP’s house – she was dogsitting while we were on vacation.  I don’t mind the four-hour trip (each way) because it means I got to visit Mom at her work and eat lunch with her! Plus, I had another [...]


Back on Track

I fell off the exercise wagon while in Puerto Rico – our villa’s location was just not conducive to running outdoors – so I woke up raring to go today!  Too bad the weather didn’t want to cooperate. It poured nearly all morning. I don’t mind running in the rain, but man – I hate [...]

Healthy Tipping Point