May 2010

Thoughts on Riding 100 Miles

In 8 days, I will be lining up for my first Century bike race (in Napa Valley, California!).  I am really excited… But I’m really, really nervous as well.   100 miles is not chump change.  I’ve done two Metric Centuries (which is 100K or about 62 miles) and they were not easy.  Not at [...]


Fast Waffles

Whenever I make pancakes during the week, I take the extra batter and make waffles, which I then freeze for a lazy morning. Instead of maple syrup, I mixed 1/2 a container of plain Greek yogurt with some honey and cinnamon.  And then I topped with 1/2 a banana. Spectator Fun   Guess what I’m [...]


New Shoes, New Pedals

New shoes! Well, these beautiful Specialized cycling shoes are technically hand-me-downs from Kristin at the Glamorous Newlywed, but they are new to me!    As you might recall, my Shimanos bit the dust on Monday during a 60-mile bike ride.  When Kristin offered to sell me the shoes at a ridiculously low price, I jumped [...]


Regrets: Do You Have Them?

I think you’ve seen this lunch before: And oldie but goodie, what can I say?   Hummus, broc slaw, and tomato wrap: And parsnip fries with ketchup: Regrets – Do You Have Them?   I talk a lot about letting go of guilt and moving past small hiccups, but regret is a totally different animal.  [...]


Off Track

Quick Announcement:  Tickets for the 2nd Annual Healthy Living Summit, which will be held August 13-15 in Chicago, will go on sale WENDESDAY, May 19 at 9 PM EST.  There are 200 tickets for sale for $75 each and will go on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We’re using a new ticket system this year so [...]


Spontaneous Happy Hour

I spent the afternoon under a heat lamp.  My arm is killing me! I think I slept on it funny. I oriented it so I could lay on the couch… Maggie liked it, too.  :) And I made Ginger Tea, which the Husband said would help my sore muscles.  I’m all for natural remedies so [...]


Philosophical Trail Run with Nick

I took my brother-in-law Nick on a 3.35 mile trail run/hike through Moss Park this morning.  He’s recently got into running, but has never been on a trail run until today! As you might remember, Nick has had some trouble with a twisted ankle in the past, and when we started to run through the [...]


Cereal Crumble Cake

Last night, I dreamt of coffee cake (must have been all the time I spent in Barnes and Noble yesterday), but with a cereal crumble topping.   Behold: This Cereal Crumble Cake was a delicious change of pace for breakfast.  It tastes like a moist, fruity cake, but it’s actually quite healthy.   Ingredients (For [...]


CaitlinHTP Meets The Pioneer Woman

4.5 hours later, I had what I came for! The Pioneer Woman book signing was absolutely insane!  I spent the entire night on the floor of Barnes and Noble, but it was worth it.  Ree is just as nice and humble and welcoming as you see on her blog.   Before I left, I had [...]


Favorites and Fame

Have you ever tried to make a list of your favorite foods?  It’s hard to whittle it down and put it in order of most beloved.  Mine (in order):   Salsa and chips BEER Pa-naag with tofu from my favorite Thai restaurant Hummus Coffee ice cream Pumpkin Yogurt + raw oatmeal Bananas Pizza Whole wheat [...]


Just Another Day

Whoa, it is already 10:20?  I got sucked into a work vortex, and before I knew it, the day had gotten away from me!   Banana pancakes I normally make lots of tiny pancakes, but today I thought two big, ooey-gooey pancakes would work the best.   Whenever I make pancakes for myself, I split [...]


Body, I’m Listening

You hear a lot about “listening to your body.”  When it says, “Stop, I feel injured,” you’re suppose to stop.  When it says, “Wait, I’m full,” you’re suppose to put down the fork.  But it can be confusing when you’re body says, “Hold on, I’m too tired.”   Because… well, long bike rides and long [...]


Biscuit Casserole

I love casseroles.  I truly do.  They are excellent for people with busy schedules and/or hangry husbands who are never full.   I’ve been rolling the idea of a Biscuit Casserole around for a few days, and boy-oh-boy, this did not disappoint! The best thing about this delicious vegetarian (and easily veganizable) casserole?  You only need [...]


Another sneaky way to squeeze in vegetables! A cold mashed sweet potato makes an excellent addition to a bowl of yogurt + raw oatmeal.   Mashed sweet potatoes aren’t time-consuming to prepare.  All I do is wash the potato, stab it with a fork, wrap it in a wet paper towel, and microwave it for [...]

Healthy Tipping Point