October 2008

Good afternoon, bloggies!  I hope you put on your creative thinking caps after reading the Athleta Contest details -- I've received a one entry so far and I can't wait to see more!   Today has been uneventful yet busy. I'll have to pull overtime this week, which isn't exactly my favorite activity.  But at [...]


Good morning!!!!  Let's get breakfast out of the way really quickly so we can move onto the FUN stuff.... Athleta Contest Details!   This morning I had French toast and a banana.  I used two whole eggs because I was feeling eggy. :) Of course, French toast require maple syrup.  And I drank a big [...]


Tired Feet

Add another 7.0 miles of walking around the mall to my cardio for the day.  I am sooooo tired!  Unfortunately, we weren't too successful in our errands.  We didn't find centerpiece vases, but we did play around with silk flowers and decided on a general style for the tables. Pretty, yes?   Before we left [...]


Florida Fall and a 7.0-Mile Run

Every morning should look and feel like this: I woke up to a crisp and clear day.  The temperature was perfect (about 70) and there was a slight breeze in the air.  James looked like he had died and gone to heaven during his morning walk: Is that not a face of PURE PLEASURE?  I [...]


Z-Bar Fairy!

Before I left to run errands, I took a quick peak in my mailbox and discovered the Z-Bar Fairy had left me a BIG present: THANK YOU, AMANDA! You win BEST blog reader of the month... no, year! I squealed in excitement when I opened the package and realized I now have approximately 20 Honey [...]


Freak Out

Poor planning got the best of me today.  You know when you haven't eaten enough, and your blood sugar starts crashing? UGH!  That's what happened to me in between my workout and lunch.   Before we left for the bank and gym, I had a slice of WW bread + PB. Then we the bank [...]


Classic Oatmeal & Supplements for Joints

Good morning!  It's gray and dreary here, which I happen to LOVE! Isn't it so nice to wake up to the sound of rain drops?   I felt a little queasy this AM from last night's beer and pizza, and I debated going back to sleep.... but sometimes it's just beer to get UP and [...]


Beers and Pizza > Exercise

Good evening! Tonight was a good time! I met up with Lisette (my BFF from high school), her husband Danny, her cousin, and her cousin's boyfriend for dinner at BJ's Brewhouse.  Future Husband had to work, so he didn't get to come. :(   I knew I'd be guzzling loads of beers and pizza, so [...]


EXTREMELY Exciting Announcement!

Good afternoon, everyone! I could barely wait to post my lunch and fill you all in on the upcoming Athleta contest.  Athleta is this amazing women's fitness company with tons of stylish and functional tops, bottoms, sports bras, swim gear, and more.    Athleta was founded in 1998 with the goal to provide female athletes [...]


Good morning! I was in a peaceful slumber when I suddenly felt a fat dachshund butt sit on my face.  I don't even know why Maggie bothers waking me up, because 5 minutes after I get out of bed, she goes back to sleep on her pillow: Just like a little sausage roll, hmm?   [...]


Spin Class and Jack and Jackie Pumpkin Heads

Good evening! Sorry for the extremely late post, I was carving pumpkins with Meghann!  Presenting Jack (on the right) and Jackie (on the left).... And we made pumpkin seeds!  We did three different varieties (salty, sweet, and spicy).  Pictures and recipes coming tomorrow!   Before our Halloween festivities, Meghann and I went to the gym [...]


Wedding Details: Bridesmaid Dresses!

Good afternoon. I hope your day is going as quickly as mine!  Work is flyyyyying by and I think I've finally gotten a huge document ready for print. Yippee!   Around 9:00 AM, I snacked on some cantaloupe: And for lunch, I made a baked tofu + sweet potato sammie.  I drenched the tofu in [...]


Green Eggs and Ham Oatmeal

Today's breakfast is brought to you by Dr. Suess!   I woke up this AM feeling refreshed and (most importantly) PAIN FREE.  That's right, zero pain in my knees! Since I work out almost every day, it's been several weeks that I haven't woken up and crawled out of bed sloooooowly due to glued-together joints.  [...]


I’m So Happy I Could CRY!

GUESS WHAT?? I got to go on a RUN tonight! :)  The miracle cure?  My new knee sleeves!!! Looks pretty silly, huh? But seriously.... they WORKED.  I literally could feel them holding my patella in place.  Plus, the knee sleeves didn't slip down, chafe, or otherwise irritate me!  They are made of a wet suit-like [...]

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