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After our run, we got down to real WORK! We went to Dandelion Communitea, a hippie/tree-hugger’s dream cafe (for proof, check out the website) to use their wireless and get out of the house. Everything is vegetarian or vegan. We both had coffees with hemp milk:

And we shared a hummus, cracker, carrot, and celery platter…. The hummus is. so. freakishly. good. I can’t wait to register for a *food processor* for the wedding so I can make my own! 🙂

After we ordered our food and plugged in the laptop to finally start working, we discovered that the wireless internet was down. Ahh! So, I quizzed Future Husband for his tests next week (Herbology and Point Location), and then we came back (in the rain) and worked from my office.

Dinner – Sausage and Cous Cous Kitchen Sink
By the time we ate dinner, it was 8:30 PM!

I was too hungry and tired to produce a well-coordinated meal, so it was truly a kitchen sink dinner. I made some WW cous cous, which I combined with a stir-fry of every vegetable in the fridge and a chopped organic chicken/pepper sausage. Yummy, quick, and filling!

One of Future Husband’s friends came over tonight, so I think we’re just going to all sit around and watch Cesar Milan and the Olympics! We just need to relax. Look, even James Bond is tired:

🙂 See you tomorrow for a long run! Enjoy your weekend!



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