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Whew! What a day! It’s 7:45 PM and I’m still going strong, slowly checking off things on my To Do List. I’ve found that I’m more likely to get my chores done if I write everything down. Since I get intense satisfaction from checking those little boxes, I write down stuff like “shower” and “cook dinner.” 🙂 Does anyone else do this?

Also, I’ve found that my hunger is out of control on days that (1) I don’t work out, and (2) I work out in the morning. Working out in the morning is the worst because it SHOOTS my metabolism through the roof, and I’d really prefer not to undo all my hard work by overating… even healthy foods!

On days like today, I focus on health, filling snacks to make sure I don’t overindulge at meal time.

Snack – 10 AM

I had two fiber-ific Wasa Crackers with four slices of turkey, a smidgen of cheese, and a dollop of mustard. This kept me satisfied until lunch, which I ate in stages to maximize the sensation of fullness….


Stage 1:

A WW pita with more deli meat and cheese, all melty in the toaster. On the side, I had a plum. Plums are in season now and SO cheap at the store… delicious!

A few weeks ago I found this fun new soup at the grocery store: Imagine Organic Creamy Sweet Corn Soup. With only 100 calories per serving and a list of pronounceable ingredients, I jumped all over it!

Stage 2:

I knew this soup needed a little “something,” so I added frozen corn and sweet peas to the mix before microwaving…. yum!

Snack – 3 PM

The usual…. you know me! Yogurt, blueberries, and cereal.

Dinner – Modified Autumn Shepherd’s Pie

Autumn Shepherd’s Pie is one of my favorite recipes to make, serve, and eat, but it’s really time-intensive. I was craving something warm and home-y, so I decided to make a modified version. Instead of creating a mashed potato top, I sliced a sweet potato, microwaved it for a few minutes to soften it up, and layered it on top of the chicken, pea, and corn mixture.

This version cut preparation time in half and drastically reduced the number of dirty dishes! Yay! It was quite delicious, but the sweet potatoes could’ve used another few minutes in the oven. They need to be totally soft before you layer them!

Alongside, I had steamed spinach and shredded carrots with a little EVOO and S&P. Very healthy! I felt like Popeye. 🙂

Sweet potato is my all-time favorite vegetable, and here’s why: Just a single 100-calorie sweet potato supplies over 250 percent of the DV for vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, the powerful antioxidant. Sweet potatoes are also a good source of vitamin C, potassium, iron, and the two trace minerals manganese and copper. Many runners fail to meet their manganese and copper needs, which can have an impact on performance since these minerals are crucial for healthy muscle function. Pretty amazing!

I addressed over 30 wedding invitations today! That chore has been nagging me for days. Now, I’m off to book a plane ticket for my Bachelorette Party (we’re going to NYC, woot woot!) and order a cake topper online. Hopefully, I can find something not too corny and CHEAP! 🙂

**** Edited to add ****

OK — the search for a nice cake topper was a bust. Does anyone have ANY suggestions??


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