Race Recap

CRC Winter Classic 8K Race Recap

So I ran a race this afternoon.  It was an 8K (or 4.97 miles), and it started at 3 PM.  Those two factors alone drew me to the race; I was really looking forward to bangin’ it out and hopefully beating my PR, which was 50:21.    DadHTP, BIL Nick, and Henry came with me [...]


ZOOMA Florida Half Marathon Race Recap

I just… I just don’t even know how to start.  But I will say this:  I killed it.  I pulled out a half marathon that I really and truthfully had no idea that I had inside of me.  And it feels amazing. I was so nervous going into this race.  It was my first post-baby [...]


Ramblin Rose 5 Mile Race Recap

Something to ponder: ‘Twas a BEAUTIFUL morning for a race (and by beautiful, I mean drizzling and chilly – perfect race weather).  I ran the Ramblin’ Rose 5 Miler, a women’s-only event, near Uptown Charlotte.  My buddy?  Nicole, who agreed to help pace me.  I’ve got to say – having baby Henry adds a whole [...]


Lake Norman YMCA Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

Hey, hey.  I survived my first post-pregnancy triathlon and lived to tell the tale. Last night, I was in bed, positively obsessing about the race.  For the first time, I felt really, really terrified.  I felt so out of practice – would I panic during the swim? Crash on the bike? Vomit on my shoes [...]


Race Recap: Nicole’s April Fool’s 5K

Name: Nicole (Mrs. Muffins) Location: Ohio Age: 24 Race: 4Life April Fool's 5k Personal Tidbit: Mommy and Marine wife! Oorah! In Her Own Words:   “I can’t run,” I used to say. I’ve always loved to exercise but anytime I tried to run, it hurt and it was hard and I would quit. Even being [...]


Name: Amanda Location: Austin, TX Age: 24 Race: New Balance Girls On the Run 5K Personal Tidbit: She is a professional Dating Coach who teaches men and women how to find the person of their dreams In Her Own Words:   I recently ran the Girls On the Run 5K in Austin.  My husband and [...]


Race Recap: Jess + NYC Half Marathon

Name:  Jess (from Physikerin Knits) Location:  New Jersey Age: 26 Race:  NYC Half Marathon Personal Tidbit: She's a cake-baking physicist with a great affection for coffee. In Her Own Words:   The NYC Half Marathon was an awesome race! My goal was to start conservatively, speed up outside of the park, and run around a [...]


Race Recap: Ashley’s 5K

Name:  Ashley (Ashley’s Adventures in Alaska) Location: Alaksa Race:  Frostbite Footrace 5K in Anchorage Personal Tidbit: Hobbies include fly fishing, running, baking, and reading In Her Own Words:   After deciding Friday morning to run the Frostbite Footrace 5k, I started getting nervous.  Some of the many thoughts going through my mind: "What if I [...]


Race Recap: Evan’s Marathon

Name:  Evan (The Wannabe Chef) Location: Washington DC Age: 20 Race:  National Marathon in Washington DC Personal Tidbit: Hates cilantro, but loves Vanilla Bean GU   In His Own Words:   I'm not sure where most people's race stories begin, but mine began on Twitter. I had long been considering training for a marathon when [...]


Race Recap: Jordan’s Half Marathon

Name: Jordan Location: Arkansas Age: 19 Race: Fayetteville Half-Marathon Personal Tidbit: Dietetics major at University of Arkansas In Her Own Words:   On December 12th, 2010, I ran my very first half-marathon!  I’d been checking the weather all week, so I’d known that it was going to be...hmm...chilly, to say the least. 20 degrees with [...]


Race Recaps: Marisa’s 5K

Name:  Marisa Location:  New Jersey Age: 32 Race:  Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K Personal Tidbit:  Married and mother to two beautiful boys   In Her Own Words:   Yesterday, I ran the 6th Annual Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K in Haddonfield, NJ.  I had two goals in mind – not to finish last and to run the entire time.  [...]

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