April 2012

Bill Release

I know that paying bills online is faster, more economical, and environmentally-friendly, but I seriously love the act of writing checks.  Anyone else? Despite the fact that I’m terrible at math, I control all of our finances and bill payments purely because I love writing checks – thank goodness for Excel.  I spent about 20 [...]



We bought a house with a backyard, and all he wants to do is stare out the front window. What gives?  All I know is that it makes me feel a lot better about living in a backyard-less apartment for the last five years.   Rise and shine.  Slowly.  Of all my breakfast recipes, I [...]


And The Winner Is…

At Bradley Method class tonight, we played a game of ‘who knows the symptoms of birth stages the best.’  It was moms-to-be versus the birth coaches/husbands. Guess who won?   Not the moms.  The coaches whooped us.  Is that a good thing?  Or a bad sign? All I know is that this card made me [...]


Therapize Me!

I’m the type of person that strongly believes in preventative care. Want to lessen the odds of getting sick? Eat healthy. Exercise. In theory, the more of an effort I make to take care of myself now, the less the chance that I’ll need medications down the road. Proactive, not reactive. So it only made [...]


Wise words for the start of the week (thanks, Carin!): (Well, I hear Sunday is actually the first day of the week, but I still feel like Sunday is the last day, making Monday day #1!)   Good morning and happy Monday.  I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but we’re blessed [...]


Back in the Pool

One of these pools is not like the other. The first pool is, of course, my beloved Aquatic Center, which I belonged to until we moved.  I think I was spoiled by swimming at an Olympic time trial facility.  Now, I’m at a new gym where the pool is no longer the focus – there [...]


Last Day

Catching up on blogs on this lovely Sunday (that’s what I like to do on Sunday mornings!)?  Here’s a summary of some of my favorite HTP posts from this week, in case you missed ‘em:   The Diaper Debate: What Will Work For Us (You May Surprised) (Source) Speaking of poop… How to Make Yourself [...]


Smile Massage

The Husband has severe smiling-for-the-camera troubles.  He’s one of those naturally happy-go-lucky people who freeze up the moment a camera turns on him.  Kristien’s smile morphs into super fake, extra-wide mode, and he panics the moment the shutter goes click.  So, obviously, today’s maternity photo shoot was a challenge.  Smile massages were required after an [...]


Saturday Waffles

Morning!  It’s a lazy one over here.  We stayed up far too long and slept in.  And then I made us breakfast: Waffles with Greek yogurt, strawberries, and dried cranberries. And tea, of course.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could train your dog to make and bring you tea in the morning?  I imagine [...]


I Just Wanna Sing

Healthy Friday continues… Look – a vegetable AND a fruit. Whoop, whoop. In the mix:   Brown rice Kidney beans Carrots Asparagus Balsamic dressing   While some of us are getting sun drunk today… …Others are being productive.  I gave a presentation to the Union County Women’s Leadership Coalition this morning.  Funnily enough, the theme [...]


Healthy Friday

I am self-declaring today Healthy Friday.  Look, I get it.  Everyday should be Healthy Day in one way or the other.  And Thursday was healthy in many ways (giggles are good for mental health).  But I totally fell off the wagon with healthy eating.    I laid my head on my pillow and thought, “Poor [...]


Motivation:  Everyone struggles with it.  You know what is harder than normal adult I-don’t-want-to-peel-myself-off-the-couch motivation troubles?  Getting fourteen 8 – 10 year olds to run a 5K.  In 50 minutes or less. If there’s one thing I know about motivation – for adults and kids alike – is that there should always be something to [...]


Obstacle Races: Cool, But Are They Safe?

Recently, the newly popular ‘mud runs’ or ‘obstacle races’ have been making big headlines, but not for a happy reason.  On the 14th, Tony Weathers, a 30 year old fitness buff, died during Fort Worth’s Original Mud Run.  He passed away while attempting to cross the Trinity River, the crossing of which has been described [...]


Three Q Thursday (and a Giveaway!)

After six years of owning the dogs, I finally did this: It’s raining kibble. Hallelujah! It’s raining kibble.   Amen. I felt like I was feeding chickens on the farm.  Here, chickie… chickie.   My breakfast was served in a bowl, not on the floor. Rice Chex (new random obsession) Vanilla Greek yogurt Strawberries Cashews [...]