July 2009

Golden Ticket Update

CLOSED UPDATE (10:21 PM): $150 UPDATE (9:56 PM):  $105 UPDATE (9:30 PM):  $65 As of 5:45 PM EST, the highest bid for the Healthy Living Summit Golden Ticket is $60.    You have until 10:30 PM to get your bids in.  I likely won't be updating the Bid Widget (upper right corner of the blog) [...]


Back to the Grind

In light of the Bloggers and Freebies discussion, I have created a new page (Healthy Tipping Point Featured Products) in which you can see a list of all the companies that have sent me products to try out on the blog.  I think this will keep my blog transparent,  help you stay educated as consumers, [...]


Best Blog Posts

This week is Healthy Tipping Point's blogversary!    I started blogging on July 30, 2008 under the blog name See Bride Run.   The last year has been an amazing and life-changing experience.  I got married (and updated the blog name, losing all the old comments in the process... boo!).  I've helped plan the Healthy Living [...]


Good morning!  My staycation is officially over - boo!! I feel pretty rested and rejuvenated, which is a good thing because I know I have a lot of work waiting for me.   I've realized that my stomach pains were definitely stress-related because I only had two attacks while on staycation.  The first attack happened [...]


Worthwhile Charity Suggestions Needed!

I really love the feedback on the Bloggers and Freebies post.  What I like most is that people can disagree or point out another side of the argument without getting nasty.  Three cheers for civility!  I like reading the dissenting opinions, too.  They are very insightful!   :)   It's been a relaxing kind of [...]


Bloggers and Freebies

Kath's earlier post about freebies on blogs got me thinking.  Word on the street is that the Federal Trade Commission is about to lay down some strict laws about how bloggers can review/endorse products on their blogs (which -- FYI -- I think is a ridiculous and borderline Big Brother).  Here's another article about the [...]


A Local Lunch

I like how the Husband and I are starting a new tradition.  On Sundays, we go to the downtown farmers' market, buy a bunch of yummy food, and then come home to make a local lunch. Before getting our veggies and fruits, we browsed the art vendors for a while... And I bought this fun [...]


Breaking The Tape

I have discovered a great site for tracking your cardio.  It's called Breaking The Tape and I am obsessed!  Not only can you input all your workouts and do bar graphs for the week, month, or year, but you can set it to automatically tweet your workouts!  Awesome.   I went on a lovely 6 [...]


Even Food Bloggers….

Sometimes just eat cereal for dinner.  :)  And cherries.    I am taking some much-needed R&R tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow with a 5 or 6 mile run recap.  I really want to break into 13 or 14 miles this week, as I need to start building mileage for my upcoming 15K race.   [...]


A Really GREAT Day

I am having an unexpectedly wonderful day!  I hope you're having a nice Saturday, too.   I had to work this morning, and since I was late, I didn't pack lunch.  I grabbed a banana and a Kashi bar on the way out the door: Which I ate around 10 and 11, respectively.  I got [...]


My Morning Routine

Good morning!  I had a wonderful -- if WAY too filling -- breakfast: The end of the tub of Oikos Greek Yogurt, granola, blueberries, and flax. No dishes required.  :)   My Morning Routine   Back in May, Meghann  posted her morning routine, which I'm sure impressed everyone reading it because she gets SO much [...]


Official Healthy Living Summit Agenda

Man, I REALLY wish I was at BlogHer 2009 right now -- Kath looks like she's having so much fun!  But do not fret, my lovelies - because the Healthy Living Summit is going to be JUST as awesome!   We've posted the official agenda on the website.  As you can see, there are tons [...]


Exciting Healthy Living Summit News

I had a delicious lunch today.  Eating a satisfying lunch with lots of little tastes make me feel so GOOD! Started off with Roasted Red Pepper Soup. And two pieces of toast with hummus and cucumbers: And cherries for dessert! Exciting Healthy Living Summit News!   I swear I don't have a stash of Healthy [...]


Twilight Sneak Peak

I haven't had any good New Moon updates in a while, but man oh man did we hit the JACKPOT today!    Clips from Comic-Con!   Ghost Edward!! And half-nakie Jacob:   And the BEST scene in the entire book: