March 2009

Butter vs. the Fake Stuff

Good afternoon! This day is FLYING BY and GUESS WHAT?  Our landlord is replacing our hot water heater TODAY -- it's a miracle.  Can't wait to take a long shower tonight.  :)   Mid-morning snack:  a navel orange. And lunch... another variation of the Flat Out Wrap!  Sorry if you're getting sick of seeing these, [...]


Starbucks Pancakes

NEW OBSESSION ALERT! I mixed 1 packet of Starbucks Instant Coffee into my regular Hodgson's Mill InstaBake Pancake Mix and the result was TO DIE FOR! I only added the Starbucks coffee to my half (1/2 cup dry) of the pancake mix because I wasn't sure if Husband would be keen, so these little pancakes [...]



Sorry for the late post, I was watching TWILIGHT on DVD! AHHH!! Sooooo good to see the movie again. :) Now, let's see how  many times I watch it this weekend.   My workout this evening was great.  I ran 5.0  miles on the treadmill, which is highly unusually for me -- it's a miracle [...]


Vacation Day Dream

Is it the weekend yet? No, seriously.... is it the weekend yet?   I had a mid-morning snack today... my tummy was growling! An orange. Lunch was a Morning Star Veggie Burger with cheddar cheese in a Flat Out wrap.  With carrots and celery on the side. This is the Spinach Flat Out wrap... it's [...]


Dates and Pecans

Sorry I bailed on blogging last night; I just needed to take a hiatus.   I got the BIGGEST post-wedding To Do finished! Finished the thank you's!  I also got professional pictures printed for the bridal party's cards. It was fun to relive all my wedding memories!   I actually woke up late (again) and I [...]


Question for Pet Owners

A non-food or exercise related post for you!   Maggie is microchipped.  We got her chipped about 3 years ago.  The original location of the chip was on the back of her neck, in between her shoulder blades. Over time, the chip has moved around under her loose neck skin and is slowly drifting to [...]


To Do’s

Today has been busy, busy, busy!  And I've been hungry all morning -- must've been Level 3 of the Shred.  I don't like to try to "eat back" my calories first thing in the morning because I tend to get snackier as the day wears on.  So, I foresee a big mid-afternoon snackaroo in my [...]


Level 3 is a Killer!

Danica is giving away Annie's Care Packages (including Bunny Grahams and MORE!) -- check out her blog to enter!   Also, if you read this blog when it was See Bride Run, you know that I'm obsessed with all things wedding.  Let's help a fellow bride-to-be blogger out -- Victoria and her husband-to-be Todd need [...]


Exercise Guilt, Be Gone!

I posted about exercise guilt a few days ago -- and I'm proud to say that I'm kicking that feeling in the BOOTAY!   Exercise guilt is best relieved by 1) remembering that it's really not a big deal in the grand scheme of life to miss a few days of training; and 2) getting [...]


I can't believe that Twilight has been out on DVD since Saturday and I still haven't bought it!  I need to see Edward Cullen ASAP.  Any other Twilighters out there?   Lunch was  delish.  I am RELISHING eating out of my own fridge again! The *star* of the meal was a simple WW baguette with [...]


Good morning!  I could hear the rain pitter-pattering against my window this morning, which made it sooo hard to get up.  Luckily, I had set my alarm for the latest time possible with the full intention to Shred after work.  Does anyone else find it ironic that I need MORE sleep after a vacation?   [...]


Coming Home!

We're home!! I'm so relieved.  It was a loooong 10 hours in the car, but it's over now and at least I'm at home.  Oh, and I have a freshly stocked refrigerator.  :)   The driving was very repetitive.  I ate a banana.  And drank a Starbucks Double Shot: Ate a Cadbury Caramel Egg my [...]


Back on the Road

AHHH! We jolted awake at 9 AM -- we had all passed out for 10 hours!  It feels great to get some rest in, but that means I missed another hotel workout.  Oh well!   I did manage to DASH downstairs to grab breakfast before they closed down the buffet (does that count as my [...]


A Little Bit of England in South Carolina

For dinner, we headed back to Baxter, South Carolina to eat at the Six Pence Pub. I am LOVING the Baxter area!  We drove around and checked out the houses again, and I'm truly obsessed with the area.  The fact that there's a British Pub pretty much sold the place to the Husband as well. [...]

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