March 2009


Hello! This afternoon was more of the same -- viewing commercial and residential properties and trying to decide whether or not we want to move from Florida to North Carolina.  We haven't made any decisions at all, but we sure are having fun! The Urban Planner in me is kind of freaking out because we [...]


Shredding with Mom

Hello again!    My mom and I headed downstairs for breakfast around 8:30 to take full advantage of Embassy's free brekkie. I loaded up on melon and honeydew, scrambled eggs, and a tiny scoop of hash browns.   Plus an English Muffin with cream cheese: I ate most of it, but I'm not very impressed [...]


Vietnamese Fusion

Last night we went to a Vietnamese fusion restaurant that claimed to be a mixture of Asian and French influences... it was so good!   But first, my mom and I sat at the Embassy bar and snacked on some spinach and artichoke dip.  I was so hungry and didn't think I'd make it to [...]


Vicariously House Hunting

Evening!  It was another fun and productive day in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Today we focused on commercial office spaces for the holistic clinic and homes for my in-laws.   Before we left, I snacked on some yogurt I snatched from the hotel breakfast buffet: Then, we met up with a commercial realtor who recommended two [...]


Hotel Workout

Good morning!  I slept for 9 hours, and I feel so rested.  I decided to wake up earlier than the Husband and my in-laws so I could squeak in a good workout before we hit the road again.   I had a small pre-workout snack -- a few pretzel chips. I was pleasantly surprised by [...]


House Hunters

Note:  I wrote this last night but I didn't get around to publishing it until this morning -- Sorry!    I am so tired!  Running on 4 hours of sleep and house hunting for 13 hours is enough to do anyone in!   We met with a realtor in the town of Tega Cay and [...]


Southern Charm

Good morning! I am running on about 4 hours of sleep and therefore did NOT wake up early to Shred or run.  We have appointments with a realtor to discuss locations for the holistic clinic, so perhaps I'll be able to squeeze in my workout in the evening.   We are actually staying on the [...]


On The Road

Good evening!  Currently, I am writing this in the car and on the road.  We're driving to Columbia, South Carolina and exploring the town tomorrow morning.  Then, we're driving to Charlotte, North Carolina.   But before we hit the road, I had to finish up another hectic day of work.  My mid-afternoon snacks included Shredded [...]


Eating on Vacation

WOOOO. Where is my afternoon going? Work's going to be over before I know it, and I have a LOT to do!   Mid-morning snack was a handful of nuts and raisins. When we buy nuts and raisins, we get them from Costco in 5 lb. bags.  The Husband portions out trail mixes into little [...]


Sticking with it on Vacation

Good morning -  can you believe I overslept by AN HOUR??  Luckily, I get up way earlier than I need to for work, but this does mean I've missed Day 15 of the Shred.   I was a whirlwind of action this morning.  Our hot water heater has died, so I took a 3 second [...]


Running On Empty

SARAH from Sarah's Sweet Lips is giving away a FREE COPY of the 30 Day Shred!  Check out her blog and enter to win this awesome workout DVD!   Our fridge is seriously, seriously EMPTY.  We're trying to eat up everything before we go, but I think we did too good of a job!   [...]


St. Patrick’s Day, Pittsburgh Style

Afternoon!  I completely forgot today is St. Patrick's Day.  Another sign I am getting old and pathetic.  St. Patrick's Day used to mean a day of drinking green beer, but now it's just another work day.    Pittsburgh KNOWS how to do St. Patrick's Day.  They close off an area of downtown called Market Square [...]



I feel all sorts of RUSHED today!  Guess it's because I need to work, do laundry, run, pack..... and basically pull my life together before we leave for Charlotte tomorrow!   I woke up a little earlier to do Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred.  I wasn't "feeling it" this morning so it felt [...]


Blog Meet-Up With Neely

Evening!  I had an unusually excellent Monday.  Maybe I need to be more social on Mondays?  It sure makes the beginning of the week more fun!   Before my meet-up with a reader named Neely, I snacked on the following mid-afternoon snacks.  The usual suspect: Some strawberries and nuts: And a larger snack around 5:00 [...]

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