Twilight Obsession

Sink Your Teeth Into…

Tonight, I decided to blow off my speedwork run and go see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse instead.  Hey, I’m only vampire human.  Here’s various posts documenting my obsession with the series.  I’ve read every book at least four times and seen the other two movies at least twice (yes, I know, Twilight is kind of [...]


Breakfast Quinoa

I was having trouble falling asleep last night when this delicious breakfast dish came to mind! Not that I ever get sick of oatmeal, but it’s nice to have a new whole grain to eat for breakfast!  Did you know 1 cup of cooked quinoa has 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber? [...]


No Slackin’ and New Moon Review

Morning!  I crashed at 10 PM last night, and woke up at 7:30 AM.  I feel like a new woman!   Wheatgrass and coffee helped, too.  :) And then I tackled my e-mail, which was entirely out of control.   I had intentions to do Yoga Sculpt afterwards, but I realized that I was essentially using [...]


Hi friends!  Sorry to leave you hanging, but I didn’t get back from New Moon until midnight, and now it’s 5:45 AM, and I’m getting ready to leave for Miami.  We have our last home game to attend and tailgate at.  :(    New Moon was a-maz-ing.  I don’t care what the critics say, it [...]


Halloween Approaches

Tonight, the Husband, my brother-in-law Nick, our friend Harry, and I went shopping for Halloween costumes.  Why are all the girl costumes “sexy”?  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a little oh-la-la in your costume, but it’s just not what I’m looking for this year. We did find this sweet Edward Cullen Night [...]


10 Things I Did This Afternoon

1. WORKED!  A lot.  :)   2. Filled out the application for my passport name change.  We are going to England for Christmas!  :) 3.  Drove to the pharmacy and got my photograph taken for my new passport.  It looks like a mug shot.  Oh well, I only have to live with it for the [...]


Mexican Fiesta

I have a cleaning question! I’ve been cooking white rice for James (since his tummy still hurts from Monday’s near-death experience) and I burned the rice to the bottom of the pot.  I cannot get that black stuff off as hard as I scrub!  I let it soak for 48 hours, too!   Any suggestions?  It’s [...]


Since my 10.0-mile run, I have done nothing except lie on the couch, eat, and watch Twilight. If you're new(er) to the blog, you might not know about the intense obsession I have with the Twilight books (and thus the movies).  I think I've seen the movie six times (ridiculous), and I've read each of [...]


Twilight Sneak Peak

I haven't had any good New Moon updates in a while, but man oh man did we hit the JACKPOT today!    Clips from Comic-Con!   Ghost Edward!! And half-nakie Jacob:   And the BEST scene in the entire book:



Good morning.  I had the BEST LAUGH this morning and it was exactly what I needed to get my day off on the right foot. I literally just laughed so hard I cried -- YouTube is hysterical!   I subscribe to a few great Twilight blogs and one posted this "Fan Reaction" to the New [...]


New Moon!

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON trailer No words! I literally just screamed hysterically and ruptured the Husband's eardrum.


More New Moon Updates

I'm sure the vast majority of my readers think I'm behaving like a 12-year old for being so obsessed with Twilight, but at the same time -- I know a LOT of you are JUST AS OBSESSED!   Did you know the New Moon trailer is debuting on Sunday on the MTV Movie Awards?   [...]


Twilight Spoilers!

Somehow, I've managed to keep my obsession with Twilight off the blog for several weeks now....  But that doesn't mean I'm not stalking Twilight blogs for New Moon updates!   And here's the best on-set Italy pictures I've seen so far: (I literally just fainted a little bit at my desk. Sorry, Husband). I love [...]


Don't forget to take the Blogger Summit survey if you haven't done so already!  Click here to take the Blogger Summit survey.  Thanks so much. This will help us bring you the BEST Summit possible.   Work has been LOCO today!  I have so much to do, which is a good thing.  But it's still [...]

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