March 2012


Do you ever have chore standoffs with your spouse or roommate? This morning, the Husband pointed to the huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink and on the countertop and asked me, “Are we currently in a standoff over those dishes?  Because… even if you aren’t actively engaged in a standoff, I kind of [...]


Tempeh Savory Oats

Ugh. I was hit by the third trimester train this morning.  Technically the third trimester doesn’t start until tomorrow (or in 8 days, depending on how you’re counting), but I definitely feel like I’m in it.  I kind of knew the third tri would suck because the first two were so ridiculously easy!  Hah.    [...]


Monday Massage

Mondays are Bradley Method class night.  I like the classes because they are fun and interesting; I do not like the classes because we sit on the floor and my butt ends up hurting.  Whine, whine.  I know. Actually, I really liked tonight’s class because the second part consisted of me pretending to have contractions [...]


Books, Books, Books

Ah, hello.  Happy Monday.  How’s it going for you?  It’s been crazy and busy in my world but really good, too.  And truthfully, that is all I can ask for on a Monday!   Today is a clinic work day, but we had a break for lunch.  It’s always nice to run home for lunch!  [...]


Munchies, Pants, and MIL Drama

Morning.  As much as I was dreading Monday, I actually think this is going to be a pretty great week.  Here’s to hoping my hunch is right! Keepin’ it simple this morning because, despite waking up up early, I’m running out of time!   Greek yogurt with protein powder mixed in (trying to up my [...]


Finders, Keepers

I am slowly turning into my mother.  You know, the lady who drives by the trash, spots a bookcase, and feels the practically irresistible urge to throw that bookcase in the trunk because would be practically perfect with a coat of pant.   Yeah.  I am becoming my mom. Spotted this weathered, dirty double jogging [...]


Rise and Lounge

Did you forget about Daylight Savings? Because we sure did! So confused when I woke up and all of our phones and clocks were conflicting (not sure why my iPhone didn’t sync up right away).    The lost hour didn’t stop us from enjoying our favorite Sunday morning ritual – staying in bed for hours, [...]


Walk the Dog Workout

I’m a huge fan of walking for exercise (How to Create a Walking Habit), but sometimes, it’s nice to mix up my working workout and make it a little bit more challenging.  For the last few weeks, James and I have been doing the Walk the Dog Workout. (Yes, Maggie’s collar has a matching I [...]


Headaches After Lifting Weights?

Whenever I have a question that Google cannot answer, I come to you! Has anyone out there ever gotten a headache half a day after lifting weights, particularly after using the back, shoulders, and arm muscles?  I seem to always get a splitting headache about twelve to twenty four hours after I lift.  I rolled [...]


Haggle, Haggle

James says hello and happy Friday! He is quite excited.  We have a fun doggie afternoon planned – I’ve got to clear out of the apartment because my landlord is showing it to not one, not two, but four possible tenants this afternoon.  I have a feeling my barking poochies won’t exactly help sell the [...]


The Pentathlon

Guess what was going on at my gym this morning?  The modern pentathlon! You are probably thinking, “What the heck is a pentathlon?”  At the least, that’s what I thought when I took a peek into the pool and saw a bunch of banners and swimmers.  I asked a volunteer, and she explained that the [...]


On purposefully changing your perspective. New to this series?  Please check out The Naked Face Project website and my introduction to TNFP to get a complete understanding of the intention behind the Project.   Another week of being happily Naked Faced.  I've settled into the routine with my new habits and, truthfully, the past week was [...]


Did you know that today is International Women’s Day?  It’s a day that focuses on the celebration of womanhood and promotes a focus on women-specific economic, political, and social issues.  Three cheers for the ladies.   So in honor of today, I wanted to do another another Name Your 5K Giveaway! What’s this giveaway all [...]


Your Protein Snack Ideas

Lookie!  A breakfast that doesn’t come a kiosk or a vending machine! Traveling is officially done!  No more flights until post baby now.  Part to normal… and I’m so happy about it. Part #1 of breakfast was this delicious smoothie:   Rice milk Protein powder Frozen blueberries Frozen raspberries Scoop of sunflower butter   And [...]

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