July 2015

Bed, Bath and Beyond is Dangerous

One of those fun round-up posts for you!  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.   First of all – per the title of this post, Bed, Bath and Beyond is a dangerous place. I haven’t been in the store for years, but I recently swung in for some blog supplies and… OMG.  So many [...]


Day in the Life – Chicago Trip

5:39 AM – Henry wakes me up. I tell him to go back to bed.  He does, and I get out of bed.   6:00 AM – I pump, have breakfast, and say hello to Henry when he re-emerges from his bedroom at 6:05 AM.  I wake up Kristien and pass off Henry because I [...]


Off to Chicago

As you read this, I am off on a jet plane to Chicago.  I haven’t been to Chicago (except through the airport) for five years, and I’m excited to go back!  Do you remember the Healthy Living Summit? It was a fun blog conference, and the year we held it in Chicago was my favorite [...]


A to Z Blog Survey

I saw this on Julie’s blog and thought it looked fun.  So here’s a little A to Z blog survey! A – Age: 31. B – Biggest Fear: I think the idea of skiing is pretty terrifying.  Not my idea of a good time. C – Current Time: 9:16 AM. D – Drink You Had [...]


While I think conventional cleaners definitely have their time and place, I try to buy – or make – natural cleaners for use in our home, especially when I know that the kids or the animals will be coming into contact with the surface.  One of my favorite websites is the Environmental Working Group, which [...]


The Fiona Sports Bra

Last Week’s Workouts   Monday – Swim 1000 yards Tuesday – Spin class + 1 mile run Wednesday – 6.0 mile long run Thursday – Rest / Ab workout (see below) Friday – 2000 meter swim (see below) Saturday – 4 mile RACE! Sunday – 1 hour bike ride outside GRAND TOTALS: 2915 meters of [...]


Happy Fourth

I hope my fellow Americans had a wonderful Fourth of July, and everyone emerged from the holiday with a belly packed with watermelon and a driveway full of scorch marks from fireworks!   We sure had a grand day.    Things started off super early with the American Four Miler.  This race has been moved – [...]


Day in the Life

5:10 AM – My first alarm goes off.   5:18 AM – My second alarm goes off and I get out of bed.   5:20 AM – I pump a bottle, eat a pre-run snack (banana with nut butter), and drink a coffee.  I get dressed and leave for my long run. 5:45 AM – [...]


Coffee Miracle + Chickpea Burgers

First things first – I am running an awesome giveaway on Instagram for two pairs of CSX Champion compression sleeves. These sleeves are BRAND NEW – so new that you can’t even purchase them on the site yet!  I love-love-love the CSX Champion compression socks (seriously, they blow other socks out of the water).  But [...]


This past weekend, we had the Husband’s high school friends and their children visit us for four days of fun.  They have an almost one year old girl and a 9 year old boy, so the dynamic between our kiddos was super fun.  Claire had a little friend to play with, and Henry had a [...]

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