February 2009

Reader Question and Answer – Grocery List

I will post dinner tomorrow morning... I wanted to answer a reader's question!   Diana by Design asked, "I was wondering if you could do a post on some bare essentials to get at the store for people who are just starting to eat healthy? I am just becoming a runner and eating healthy but [...]


The Holistic Doctor Is In! Stevia Giveaway

Thanks bunches for your kind words in response to my race-related freakout.  I KNOW I've got this one in the bag, I just need to remember NOT to let my nerves get the best of me!   Work has been so-so this AM.  It's always difficult to get back into the swing of things.   [...]


Grocery Deficit and a Sweet STEVIA Giveaway

I'm getting really, really nervous about the Gasparilla Distance Classic this weekend.   As you know, I am racing a 15K at 7:30 on Saturday, a 5K at 9:00, and then a Half Marathon the next morning.  Any of these races, I could easily handle alone, but the idea of doing it back-to-back-to-back is freaking me [...]


Wine School

We had so much fun at our local wine superstore (Total Wine) today!  For Valentine's Day, I gave the Husband two tickets to the "California Dreamin' - Wines from Napa Valley" class.  Since we just went to Napa for our honeymoon (Part I and Part II of the honeymoon recaps), the especially was especially fun! [...]


12.0 Miles with the Speed Demon Herself

Morning!  Man, Meghann totally whipped my butt this morning on our run.    Before meeting up with Meghann, I had breakfast + coffee. I had a slightly larger portion of oatmeal to fuel me for my run.  My oatmeal contained:   3/4 cup oatmeal 3/4 cup milk 3/4 cup water 1 sliced banana Toppings: unsweetened [...]


It’s For Real Now!

From:  Gasparilla Distance Classic Association To:  seebriderun@gmail.com Date:  Sunday, Feb 22, 2009 Subject:  2009 Registration Confirmation   Congratulations Caitlin, You are registered for the Publix Super Markets Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K, 5K , and Half Marathon.  The following will provide you with your bib number, age, name and address.  Please review for accuracy and if [...]


Sticky Honey Chicken and Green Beans

Evening! I'm not sure what's up with me -- I am positively POOPED!  I guess I did do a lot today!   After my run with the Orlando Women Runners club and lunch, I got dressed to meet Meghann at the mall.  Before walking out the door, I realized I needed to eat more and [...]


Orlando Women Runners Club

Morning! I am just buzzing with excitement! Ever since I moved to Orlando 2 years ago, I've been trying so hard to find a social group I click with, and I think I might've found that with the Orlando Women Runners club!   The meet-up time was 9 AM (major plus, not too early!) so [...]


More Ethnic Food!

Last night, I had Mexican food with a Mexican beer, and tonight I had Thai food with a Thai beer.  A-ma-zing.   But first, I made sure I squeezed in a decent run!  :)  I did 5.0 miles in 50 minutes exactly around 3:30 PM.  Here are my statistics:   Duration: 50 minutes (5.0 miles) [...]


New Music

As you all know, every now and then I post my favorite song of the moment.  I guess I should preface this one with a warning not to play it around little ears. Britain's answer to Britney!


French Bread and I Have a Special Understanding

Good afternoon! I spent three hours in the social security office and the bank trying to get all my records changed per my new last name! It was a headache, but at least a lot of it is OVER with!  :)   I was seriously starvvvvvvvving by the time I left, but I needed to [...]


Winners of RoadID Contest

Good morning! It's time to announce the winners of the Road ID Giveaway Contest!  Thanks to Random Number Generator, our two winners are:   Jenngirl said... That is such a frightening story, but I'm glad she is recovering and getting back in the saddle! Road ID's sound like a wonderful idea!!   Afreshdille said... I [...]


Food Fiesta

I had THE most satisfying dinner tonight.  It's been months since I've had Mexican... in fact, since *before* the blog! I will never go this long without Mexican food again!]   To hold me over in between lunch + dinner, I snacked on a small orange + a random handful of almonds. OK -- onto [...]


Countdown! And Food Sensitivity Info

Only 8 days until RACE WEEKEND.  I am getting really excited for the Gasparilla Bud Light Challenge, which is 3 races in 2 days.  That means I'm be banging out a 5K, 15K, and Half Marathon all in one weekend.  It will make for some fun blogging, that's for sure!   Work is going well [...]