December 2008


I am never going to want to go back to work again. I love being on my Weddingmoon!   Today's eating ended up being very disjointed.  I never had a legit lunch!  But I did have a sandwich and salad around 4 PM. I made a turkey melt with extra sharp cheddar on WW toast. [...]


Puppies, Swimming, and Washing

Good afternoon!  Future Husband and I spent some time with the wee ones this morning at the dog park. That's Margaret Britney Spears Thatcher and me.... And here's James Bond next to a ginormous greyhound.... We played a football while the dogs romped around.  However, after about 20 minutes of playing, Future Husband missed a [...]


Effing Knees, Part Duex

Sorry for my lack of posting last night.  My knees begun to ache around 5 PM (that 5.0 miler with Meghann + shopping did me in, methinks), so I just laid on the couch and read Breaking Dawn from the TWILIGHT series.   I rose twice to fix myself dinner and a snack. Tomato soup [...]



Future Husband and I keep commenting that we are on our "Weddingmoon."  We're both on vacation, but it's not our honeymoon yet, so it's our WEDDINGMOON!  Super exciting -- we are both very relaxed.    We met up with our DJ at 11 and went over all the details.  We're going with Soundwave Entertainment.  The [...]



GOOD MORNING.  It is absolutely glorious outside today in Orlando. Our sleepover last night was so much fun! It took me back to the old days when I lived with three of my girlfriends in college.  :)  We ended up getting quite drunk, but when Meghann's alarm went off at 7 AM, I had NO [...]


Buddy the Elf, What’s Your Favorite Color?

Alright... I am attempting to blog in Blogger on a Mac, so odds are -- this post is going to be really screwed up! Plus, I've had three glasses of wine.  Basically, I'm doomed.  I'm at a very fun, very girlie sleepover at Meghann's right now!  We are celebrating the end of my work week [...]



of work!!   I would rather be doing this... But I'm sure I can get through another 8 hours of technical writing.  And then, I'm free-free-free for a whole month.  One more reason to have a long engagement (so you can save up your paid time off!).   I made a glorious bowl of Cinnamon [...]


Effing KNEE!!!

I worked with my leg propped up and my knee iced all day long.... (See the wine and champagne for the rehearsal dinner in the background?)   Sometimes my knee hurt so badly, I just straight iced it, no towel! UGH. My stupid Chondromalacia is flaring up in my left knee... the really bad knee. [...]


Sweet Potato Burgers and a Very, Very Bad Bride

Good afternoon!  I am happily chugging through work.  I just can't wait for this week to me over.   My morning oatmeal was large enough to get me through the whole morning without a snack!  WOW!  That hardly ever happens.  I did break for lunch about 1/2 hour earlier than normal.   I made an [...]


Up With the Sun

I went on my first week-day AM run in AGES!  It felt so good to wake up with the sun and get my workout out of the way.   Before I left, I had my pre-run snack (gotta fuel up!): I did a 5.0 mile loop in 55 minutes.  I burned approximately 400 calories (80 [...]


ELF and December Challenge, Day 6

Evening!  Wow - what a fun morning of blog posts.  I'm really excited about the Ratty Sneakers Contest - make sure you enter for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate!   And the Reader Poll was really great to read.  I learned most of you would rather have all the money you [...]


OnlineShoes.Com $100 Gift Certificate Contest

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to announce....   The Ratty Sneakers Contest!   Do you have old, smelly, and nasty sneakers? Is the tread worn away on your favorite pair of kicks? Do your tired running shoes cause you to experience knee, ankle, or leg pain?   Well, ladies and gents -- I [...]


Reader Poll!

Good morning.... I've switched from 9-hour workdays to 8-hour workdays, which means I get an entire extra glorious hour of sleep.  Maggie woke up after 1/2 hour later than my alarm clock normally goes off and sat her fat butt on my face.  I just love that weinerdoodle, even when she's annoying the hell out [...]


It’s Starting to Feel SO Real Now

I went for my third and final fitting!  The dress is all ready.  Every task I check off my to-do list moves me just ONE step closer to the altar.   Yayyyyyy!!   Back to this afternoon...   I had my mid-annual review today at work and it went really well! I love receiving helpful criticism [...]