September Superlatives

WOAH.  How is it already October 1?  Where is my life going?  Time flies when you’re having fun.  This month was a rather interesting one on HTP, I think – we tackled topics like whether someone shouting “You can do it!” during a race makes you want to scream, and how to make epic art [...]


August Superlatives

Can you believe it’s already the end of summer, back to school season, and time for cooler weather?  I can’t – time is flying!  Here are the best of the best from HTP in August.  Thanks – as always – for reading!   Gets-Me-Through-Those-Sleepless-Baby-Nights:  Lake Norman YMCA Sprint Triathlon Race Recap.  I came, I tri-ed, [...]


July Superlatives

Here are the best of the best from HTP in July 2012.  Grocery lists, headbands, fitness apps, mommy wars, and all.  Happy reading!   Best Recipe: Anne P’s Peanut Butter Bars. I have made these granola bars approximately 875 times this month.  Seriously.  I’m actually eating a bar as I type this… Most Comprehensive:  Our [...]


June Superlatives

Here’s the best of the best from Healthy Tipping Point in June 2012.  I’m sure you can guess what my favorite moment of the entire month (err, year!) was – Henry’s birthday!   Happiest Birthday:  Henry’s Birth Story Part I and Part II.  The story of my drug-free, Bradley Method natural childbirth.  I still can’t [...]


May Superlatives

Hey, hey.  It’s June 1.  It’s my baby’s birth month!  Pretty exciting stuff.  Anyway, here are the best posts from Healthy Tipping Point for the month of May.    Biggest Moment:  Not a post per say, but an ENTIRE BOOK!  The Healthy Tipping Point book was released this month.  You can read a summary of [...]


April Superlatives

How’s your Saturday going?  Mine has been the usual tea-in-bed, walk-the-dog extravaganza of awesomeness. Three cheers for the weekend.    Here’s the best of the best on Healthy Tipping Point in April.  Happy reading!   Great Debate:  Obstacle Races – Cool, but Are They Safe? Obstacle races are more popular than ever, but with the [...]


March Superlatives

Sure, I’m eight days late... but here are the best o’ the best on HTP from March 2012.  Placentas, car haggle tips, doggie dumbbells, and all.  Happy reading!   You’re Either Intrigued, Supportive, or Freaked Out:  BabyHTP – 27 Weeks (Yes, That Placenta Post) – Why and how I plan to consume my placenta after [...]


February Superlatives

Even with one extra day, February flew by!  Happy March! Here are the best of the best on HTP from February 2012:   Most Admirable:  Cast-Iron Tofu.  I’m still a fan of baking tofu, but I really love how tofu cooks up in our new wok.  This technique is by far my favorite way to [...]


January Superlatives

Hey, now.  It’s already February!  Where did the month go?  Here’s the best of the best on Healthy Tipping Point in January 2012.   Best Reader Write-In: Reader Q&A: I Hate Exercise and Healthy Foods. This post answers the tough question of:  When you’ve got no balance in your life, how do you find your [...]


December Superlatives

It’s that time again (already?!).  Here are the most helpful, most amusing, most controversial, and most delicious posts from Healthy Tipping Point in December 2011.  As always, thanks for reading!    Tastiest Recipe: Without a doubt, Stuffed {Potato Skin} Shells.  Get into the kitchen and made these immediately.   Runner-up: Vegan and Gluten Free Corn Chowder [...]


November Superlatives

Yeah – I know.  It’s December 10.  Better late than never, right? Here’s the best from HTP in November 2011:   Packed with Puns:  In the Oven, our corny but sweet baby announcement.  Also – most commented on post, ever!  Thank you so much for the well-wishes.  It meant a lot to us. Most Helpful:  [...]


October Superlatives

It’s that time again – time for superlatives!  Sure, I’m a little late.  But that doesn’t mean October was any less delicious and amazing.  Here’s  my favorite posts from October 2011.   Best Recipe: Shroomy Mashed Potatoes – I really love this recipe.  The flavor/texture combination takes plain ol’ mashed potatoes to STELLAR! Runner-ups:  Goat [...]


September Superlatives

I know this is so clichéd to say – but really.  Where the heck did September go?  One day, it was here, and the next (well, a day ago, to be exact) it was gone!    Most Fabulous Race Recap:  Ramblin’ Rose Sprint Triathlon <— because it was my first POOL tri and my last [...]


August Superlatives

Summer is almost donezo.  And you know what?  I couldn’t be more excited for pumpkin, football, and cooler temperatures. Remind me how excited I was for fall when I start complaining that it’s too chilly out…   August 2011 was a great month for me.  I’ll remember it because I was lucky enough to spend [...]

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