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Mind and Body After Baby

Henry’s Toothbrush Chart

I thought I’d write a little update on my dear Henry.  He’s going to be TWO in two months.  Can you believe it?  I cannot.  It’s truly mind-blowing how fast it goes… I know that’s a big cliché but it’s true.   (Dying Easter eggs… That was a HUGE hit.  I had all these grand [...]


Life With Baby: 14 Months

I kind of dropped the ball with my Mind + Body After Baby updates, huh?  That’s because, well, time suddenly felt like it was moving at the speed of light, and I could never remember to take our monthly pictures. Also, I felt like I had nothing new to say about my ‘mind and body [...]


On Maintaining an Active Lifestyle Oh, little Henry!  You are not so little anymore.  I know we have a few more weeks of official babyhood left, but you have been toddling for a while, so I consider you a toddler already.  Every time I look at you, I think, “What a BOY!”  No longer a [...]


My little baby is growing up!   Oh, what a month.  Can you believe little BabyHTP is 10 months old (well, actually, now he’s ten and a half months old…).  The days just seem to flew by in one big, baby blur.  My beautiful Henry seems more and more like a toddler every single day. [...]


As much time on the outside as on the inside – a huge milestone! Things are going so well over here.  Henry seems more and more like a boy and less like a baby every single day. When our friends come over, that’s the first thing they say – “He seems so much older!”  I [...]


Eight months old! Oh, my little boy.  You seem more and more like a big boy every single day.  It makes me happy and sad all at once.  I remember when you were so tiny in my arms but couldn’t do many fun things, and now you make my arms ache from your heft and [...]


Getting too big to hold like this! I can’t believe Henry is seven months old.  Here are the comparison pictures!         Time flies, babies grow, hairstyles change.   I’m writing this from my hotel room in New Orleans, so I’m going to make this update a ‘brain dump’ kind of post.  Plus, [...]


Half a year already? No! It can’t be.  From this to this in a blink of an eye.   I normally discuss how I’m doing for my Mind and Body After Baby updates, but this month, I really want to focus on Henry.  But before that, I’ll quickly give you a body update – I’m [...]


Milestones, milestones.  So many milestones. My little man is now 5 months (and a week…) old.  I can hardly believe it – but I say that every month, don’t I?  It’s just amazing how fast time passes and how quickly children grow.  But in so many ways, it just keeps getting better and better.    [...]


My big boy is lookin’ so smashing! The strangest thing about little babies is how FAST they grow – and you don’t even realize that it’s happening until you look at pictures.  Just check out this comparison.      My other updates are right here.   Alright – I will be the first to admit.  [...]


Henry is only 94 days old, and yet I already can’t really remember what life was like before him.  I can’t believe that three months have passed since giving birth – he’s grown up so much.  I call him my Big Boy now.  After all, he does big boy things like hold toys and take [...]


I summed up Henry’s birth story with this thought:   Labor was, by far, the most emotionally and physically intense moment of my life.  But I look at Henry now and know it worth it.  The entire pregnancy, the labor – it was worth it.  I really believe that all women should be very proud [...]


The other day, I tried to wrap my hands around Henry’s torso and discovered that my fingertips no longer touched.  He is getting so big and packin’ on the ounces like it’s his job! As of yesterday, Henry is eight weeks old.  It’s crazy that eight weeks have already passed… but at the same time, [...]


I have a feeling that I’ll begin every post this way, but seriously – how has a month after passed since I gave birth to Henry?!   He cannot possibly be four weeks old yet!  He’s growing up too fast.   You can check out my first post-pregnancy update here – Mind and Body After Baby [...]