October 2014

Life with a Paper Planner and Less Screen Time

First things first:  snack of the day. Brown rice cakes and hummus.  Oh man.  So good.   So while I’m munching on that, I thought it was definitely time to give you all an update on my Put Down the Phone Challenge.  Back in August, I wrote about my desire to check my phone less [...]


Getting Ready for Baby

Just poppin’ in on a Sunday to say hello and share some thoughts from my weekend! The theme of this weekend has been “getting ready.”  Countdown to Little One is ON.  When I found out I was pregnant in the spring, I thought forward to autumn and the holiday season and felt like it was [...]


Day in the Life

6:30 AM I wake up and consider getting out of bed. I check the monitor. Henry is still sleeping so I promptly decide NO. I used to feel really lazy if I didn’t maximize every waking moment of my life, but I’ve recently realized that being insanely busy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… [...]


This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings.  The giveaway is at the end! I recently took a trip to Boulder to visit the Celestial Seasonings headquarters and factory. I was so excited to go – you guys know that I love tea and love to know more about food production.  The trip was right up [...]


Everything That Matters Gets Done

As of yesterday, I am 32 weeks pregnant.  Where does the time go?  I had this long, long list of “goals” for the three months before I was due, and it seems like the days slip by so quickly now – there’s no way that I’ll be able to get it all done in time. [...]


New Mom Survival Stations

Bringing a newborn home is so exciting – and stressful!  It really helps to ease the transition if you set up what I call ‘survival stations’ throughout the house (organize your stations before you go into labor!).  With Henry, I had three types of stations – diaper, breastfeeding, and in-the-bathroom.  I started compiling my survival [...]



I just got back from a really fun blog trip to Boulder, Colorado.  We visited the Celestial Seasonings headquarters.  I drank so. so. so. much tea.  SO MUCH TEA.  It was great!  More on the trip later, but for now… Can I wax poetic about Boulder? I’m already making plans to go back to Boulder [...]


Sour Apple Chia Seed Pudding + Walk Harder

Look at what I INHALED for breakfast yesterday! Okay – this is one of those meals that don’t LOOK amazing but sure taste delicious.  It’s a chia seed pudding (so an excellent vegan yogurt replacer) with baked green apples, cinnamon, and maple syrup mixed in.  And it’s so, so good. Ingredients (for two servings):   [...]