October 2012


Thai takeout for dinner.  It doesn’t get any better than that. Or does it?  What’s your favorite takeout?



Well.  My planned six miler became a four miler because, once again, a lost doggie was pulled towards me like I’m a powerful puppy magnet.  I was scared to touch this pup – he was big and not the friendliest – so I corralled him away from the main road and knocked on a few [...]


Who’s Training Who?

My little boy deserves an old man sweater after his STELLAR sleep performance last night. I thought I’d give everyone a sleep training update because things have been going pretty well, save for a few sleep regressions here and there (which, by the way, are hell).   Since Henry’s naps have regulated – every two [...]


The Case of the Sexy Halloween Costume

A few weeks ago, I rented my Halloween costume. I approached a salesperson and said, “I was wondering if you have a Little Bo Peep costume.  But not a sexy one.”  She laughed and said no, she didn’t have a non-sexy Little Bo Peep costume.  If I wanted, however, I could buy this. Meh.  No [...]


Wasted Opportunity

Like mother… Like son! Future heel clicker in the making.  (I have a thing for mid-race heel clicks as evidenced by this photo and this photo.)   Well, beyond working on our beautiful heel clicks, this morning is kind of a bust for not only Henry and I, but the Husband as well.  We planned [...]


Monday Wrap-Up

My baby is a voracious reader.     I am a sucker for lost dogs.  Don’t worry, I found Sargent’s home.    And this little snack was DELICIOUS. A green pepper, stuffed with brown rice, lentils, and two tablespoons of balsamic vin dressing, topped off with {horseradish} hummus and baked at 400 degrees for 40 [...]


Thought Time Capsule

I was inspired to do this by Liz, who penned a time capsule of her thoughts.  Here is my thought time capsule at 28 years, 5 months, and 22 days. On Politics:  It is obvious by now that I go through ‘cycles’ with politics.  I care a lot for a period of time, and then [...]



Did you know that leaves changes colors during the fall because trees turn off their photosynthesis processes?  The bright green chlorophyll ‘factories’ in the leaves disappear, leaving the colors – which were hiding behind the green – behind.  I like knowing that the yellow and red and orange hues are always there, all year long. [...]


Santa Fe Remix

We’re feeling a {bit} more alive over here.  We’ve done errands, relaxed, drank coffee, and soon, I’m going on a run.  Sunday started off rough, but it’s getting better. Our errands included more furniture shopping for the new clinic, as well as the weekly Sunday grocery trip.  Now that my brother-in-law lives with us, our [...]


Whoa, Saturday

Saturday was… ahhh.. interesting.  We spent most of the day at the new office hanging shelving.  I knew we were in for a long haul, so I brought a ton of toys, the jumper, and a pack and play so Henry could play and sleep as he normally would.  It took a long time, but [...]


Carpet Angels, Here I Come

How tired was I this morning? Thiiiis tired. That would be oatmeal in the dog food bowl.   I disappeared from the interwebs yesterday because I gave the Husband the entire day off from all work and parenting duties.  He’s been so stressed out, and I could sense he was rapidly approaching a breaking point.  [...]


Level 5 Creamer Emergency

Last night, at 9:30 PM, I headed to the grocery store because I just realized that we were completely out of coffee creamer, and there was NO WAY I was experiencing Friday morning without coffee creamer. Hah – do you think that will do it for a while? (I ended up buying multiples of everything… [...]


Rock-a-Bye The Vote

North Carolina early voting began today, and while I had always crinkled my nose up at early voting (“But I want to vote on the real Election Day!”), this time around, it seemed like a very good idea.  I could just imagine an epic voting fail in which I never made it to the booth [...]


Scarlet Threads {Giveaway}

Another great giveaway for you from another amazing small business!   A few weeks ago, I received an email from Hannah.  Hannah has lived in China since 2009. She moved to the beautifully rural and rapidly growing village of Qingyundian with her family, and loves it so much that she’s pursuing her undergraduate degree online [...]