November 2008

Wedding > Exercise

Our appointment with the golf club lasted several hours, so hitting the gym was out of the question.  But, we got so much stuff done!  All the details (and payments) are coming together..... yay!   My one piece of advice to brides out there is make sure you book a quality reception site.  If you [...]


Not as Planned

ARG! The trouble with living with someone else is you can't count on *knowing* what's in the fridge.  I had a plan to make a really yummy wrap, but I think Future Husband took the last wrap with him to school today. Oh well.    Also, I realized that Future Husband crushed a WHOLE LOAF [...]


Thanksgiving Oatmeal and Wedding Details: Music!

Good morning! I had a super special breakfast planned for today that I could NOT stop thinking about on my 8.0 milers yesterday!   Introducing.... Thanksgiving Oatmeal!   This is my third attempt at savory oatmeal (Green Eggs and Ham Oatmeal and "Which Came First?" Savory Oatmeal).  Seriously, if you haven't tried it yet, you [...]


A Miserable Run and Chinese Cupping

Evening!  BLETCH, I went on the most MISERABLE 8.0 mile run today.  I usually try to be SO positive and enjoy running, but its was seriously torturous today.   Maybe my run was so rough because I ate two Trader Joe's Candy Cane Oreos before I left? Thankfully, the cookie stash is now gone (I [...]


We Heart Costco

....Enough to drop $335.   ECK!  In my defense, that includes booze for the rehearsal  dinner.  When I booked the restaurant, I got them to agree to a $100 flat corkage fee so we could bring our own alcohol.  They agreed -- not knowing what big drinkers our friends and family are!  :)   We [...]


Better Mashed Potatos

Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite holiday dishes, but I don't like to overdo it because Lord knows how much butter and whatnot people put in it. These mashed potatoes are "better" because there's no butter and yet they are super flavorful!   Ingredients (makes about 6 portions):   3 cups chopped small red [...]


A Bike Ride and a PT Job

Hello! Today has been really fun -- I met up with Meghann, her sister Kelly, and a reader named Jen for a fun bike ride.  The City of Orlando offers FREE bicycles at Blanchard Park. We did 9 miles!  It was an easy ride; we did lots of talking and laughing. When I got home, [...]


Dinner Recap and a Fun Run

Good morning! Dinner at Seasons 52 was so fun. I love this restaurant.  Everything on the menu is under 475 calories and nothing is deep fried or coated in butter.   I had roasted quail in a whiskey-maple syrup sauce with whipped sweet potato and roasted veggies. It was soooo good.  The quail melted in [...]


Pre-Date Post

Hello! I thought I'd post a quickie run summary before our date night (we won't get home until late).   After work, I went on a nice run.  I was intending to do a 4.0 mile tempo run, but it was so DARK out I couldn't see my watch to tell whether I was running [...]


Countdown and North of the Border Quesadilla

Is it the weekend yet? No, seriously. Is it?   ALMOST!! :)   My appetite confuses me sometimes.  I stuffed my face last night and woke up with a grumbling tummy.  My hearty bowl of oatmeal didn't hold me over AT ALL, and my mid-morning snack didn't even faze me.   I had a pear: [...]


And THIS is Why I Don’t Drink Anymore!

Because I get hangovers! I was laying in bed last night at 11 PM with a HANGOVER!  Aren't hangovers suppose to wait until AFTER you try to sleep it off?   I used to be a big drinker (not a coincidence that this coincided with my heavier days).  I drank probably 4 - 5 days [...]


Something NEW

Meghann and I went to a new restaurant, City Fish, for our weekly chick night. :) We asked for a cute waiter's recommendation and ended up splitting....   Bacon-wrapped jalapeno shrimp. I took the bacon off and just ate the shrimp.  The bacon wasn't really appealing.   We also split the triple seafood special.  They [...]


Working Hard

Afternoon! My mid-morning snack was... you guessed it... yogurt + cereal!  I've given up on trying to avoid this snack -- after all, it IS my favorite, and I'm just trying to portion-control it. Lunch was simple as well - I started things off with a sweet pear. And the main dish was a cheese [...]


English Muffin French Toast

Morning!  Haha, it was fun to read your responses to last night's "Do you workout like you're in a music video?" post.  I was surprised to learn most of you do, too! Awesome!  I also enjoy walking down busy city streets with my iPod and pretending like I'm in a music video.  Very amusing.   [...]

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