September 2014

Honestly Great

This post is sponsored by The Honest Company. I was thrilled to have the chance to review three awesome products from The Honest Company, a one-stop shop for families who care about the quality of their bath, body, and baby products.   I have a ton of friends who use Honest diapers because they are [...]


3-Ingredient Sunflower Butter Treats

Henry and I got sucked into awesome park action this morning – it’s cloudy and breezy and I don’t feel like my face is melting off the moment I step outside! – and we ended up missing my gym window.  Drat.   So to make up for a lost swim, I replaced the effort with [...]


Very Orange Tofu Quinoa

Our outdoor pool officially closed down this Sunday, so we made sure to go not once, but twice over the weekend.  It was so fun!  I’m definitely going to miss pool season…   And speaking of the pool, I went {fitness} swimming a grand total of three times last week.  Post-swim reward:  A few minutes [...]


Summer Afternoon

Today was my sleep-in day (woo to the hoo), and when I got out of bed, this lovely breakfast was waiting for me.  It looked like something off a breakfast buffet at a fine hotel.  Not too shabby, Husband. Once we were full and caffeinated, we went on a long walk.  I’m having some meh [...]


Pumpkin Spice Tofu

Henry started “preschool” this week.  It was hard for me on Wednesday – I cried a lot after drop-off.  But then I quickly realized that – holy crap! – I can get a lot of stuff done in four hours if I really focus (plus, he survived, so – winning!).    Baby #2 is due [...]


Six Weeks A month or so ago, I asked you all how long you thought it took to form a habit… The answers were so varied – I guess it really depends on the person plus the habit!  But recently, I’ve been hearing a lot about the “magical six week mark,” at least when it [...]


DIY Pumpkin Spice

This post is sponsored by Silk Soymilk. At the start of spring, I always say, "Spring is my favorite season!" And then summer rolls around, I get excited for the heat, and I find myself blogging that "I love summer most of all!" But then I get over the 90-degree temps and, by the time [...]


Little One: 27 weeks

I blink, and it’s suddenly been over a month since I did a pregnancy update.  I think my lack of updates is mostly due to the only things I can think to say are:  I am pregnant.  I am getting bigger and bigger.  The number of weeks I have left are getting smaller and smaller.  [...]


Water Babies

I truly, truly need to spend more time in the pool. I’m 27 weeks pregnant today and definitely slowing down.  I can feel every single oomph of my weight gain when I try to do any impact exercise.  Being buoyant in the pool feels niceeeee.  And, as always, I love that whole-body-workout feeling.  From the [...]