A Great Breakfast

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I’ve been feeling in a funk for the last few days (I get like this every now and then).  I can probably trace it back to the stress of the impending move, work-related woes, and hormones.  :)  When it doubt, blame it on the hormones!


I wasn’t planning to make this special breakfast, but once I got into the kitchen, I knew I was due for Grilled Banana Sandwich.


Grilled Banana Sandwich is such a tasty, gooey, delicious breakfast.  I love to make it for other people, too!  It’s simple but impressive.


I made mine with 1/2 a leftover banana.  I usually use a full banana, but I wanted to make sure of the 1/2 before it goes off!  Might need an earlier lunch, though.


Mmm.  Wipe the drool from your computer screen!


I was trying to decide if I can call this my “favorite” breakfast recipe and decided it’s a pretty close call between:



They are all too good to choose!  🙂


What’s your favorite breakfast recipe?  Feel free to share your blog links if you’re a blogger!



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