September 2009

Tis the Season for Pumpkin Beer!

Unfortunately, Miami got smoked by Virginia Tech. :(  It rained through the whole game, and I'm pretty sure weather was a huge factor!  Very disappointing.   This pumpkin beer cheered me up: Dogfish Head Punkin Ale is AWESOME.  Best pumpkin beer I've ever had (and that's saying something, because I love pumpkin beer! I had [...]


College Teams

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my 15K Race! They made me feel a lot better.  I think Kat from Kat's Daily Plate said it best when she told me to repeat: "If things were calm in my life right now and all I had to focus on was running, then I [...]


Miracle Miles 15K 2009 Race Recap

Another Miracle Miles 15K under my belt! This was not my best race, and as a result, this race recap is not going to be as happy as usual.  :(  I'm trying to keep in mind what really matters.... The important thing is that I had a good time and was able to physically run [...]


Races, Races, All Around!

I know so many people are running RACES today or tomorrow... good luck!  Run hard, run smart, and be grateful for every mile!   And very Happy 21st Birthday to the lovely Healthy Ashley.  I wish I was smart enough to run a 15K on my 21st birthday instead of hitting the bar (and the [...]



Today was been a whirlwind!   After lunch, I went to my doctor's appointment (just a check up).  I had to fill out paperwork and guess what I got to list for my employment? Booyah!   I snacked on a bar as I was kept waiting for more than 1 hour to see the doctor [...]


15K Playlist

In the excitement of the last few days (Book deal!  Quitting my job!), I totally forgot that I'm running a 15K race tomorrow! Miracle Miles is my FAVORITE race to run.  This will be my 3rd year running "MM."  I love the distance (9.3 miles) and I love the fact that it's at the beginning [...]


Time Management

I could not go to sleep last night -- I was tossing and turning, ruminating over all the things I had to do today.  I finally got out of bed and made a list: Once I got it all out of my head and onto the paper, I could go to sleep!  :)   I [...]


Clean Slate

THANK YOU so much for the support on my three major life changes.  It meant the world to me.   A lot of you commented that you want to make big life changes, too, but you're not sure where to begin.  As my dad says, "Hope is not a plan."  Literally map out your goal on [...]


Everything Changes

As promised.... I have three Major Life Announcements to reveal.  Read on!   Major Life Announcement #1:  Operation Beautiful:  The Book   In July, I received the most exciting e-mail of my life.  A literary agent had read an article about Operation Beautiful in the New York Daily News and wanted to know if I [...]



I feel like I've been the ultimate tease lately about my upcoming life changes -- it's just about balancing my personal, professional, and blog life.  :(  I'm sorry.  Please don't be mad that I've left you in suspense all this time... you never know who is reading so I had to be careful!   I [...]


Winners of WaterPik Giveaway

The winners of the WaterPik giveaway are....Mrs. LC said: Ultra Dental Water Jet!Alexis said: I would die for the Charleston shower head!Erin said: I would love one of the EcoFlow shower heads. I love long showers, but am conscious of my water use. This would be win-win!Jill said: Gosh, I could really use that sonic [...]


Afraid to Ask

Good afternoon!  It's been a busy day.  Maggie, however, has simply been snoozing with her little bunny: Yes, she sits in a bed on a chair next to me all day long.  :)   Snack was a blueberry bar: And lunch featured Sweet Potato and Black Bean Balls: To make these balls, I mash cooked [...]


Google Reader FYI

Healthy Tipping Point will be transferring over to the new design SOON! If you suddenly stop receiving updates in your Google Reader (i.e. in the next day or so, if it seems like I haven't blogged and fell off the face of the Earth), simply unsubscribe and resubscribe (still Thanks!


Special Oats

Good morning!  I squeeze in a 4.0-mile run before the sun came up, which felt wonderful.   Before I left, I had toast with blackberry jam: My coffee had grinds in it.  Eww.  I'm an equal opportunity coffee drinker, so I drank it nevertheless!  :)   My run was great.  It's the last run I'll [...]

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