January 2009

Oh Monday

Just one of those nights.... I didn't want to do anything.  No gym. No real cooking.  Just TV and couch action.   Best first.... I had to get through work.  Around 3 PM, I snacked on granola + yogurt. Husband offered to make a traditional British meal... cheesy toast and baked beans.  I'm not a [...]


Too Tight Sneakers

Afternoon!  Wow, I was extra-extra hungry this morning.  I think the combination of waffles + leftover hunger from yesterday's 10 miler did me in.   Around 9:30, I had a lovely orange for a snack. And lunch was just a sammie + salad.  I truly love sandwiches! For once, I skipped the cheese in the [...]


What Makes Someone ‘a Runner’?

Happy Monday!  That's right, "happy."  I'm trying to put a positive spin on another long work week for the sake of my general sanity. :)   I tried my hand at waffles again this morning. This time around, I used less batter, added more milk, cooked them for a shorter amount of time, and smothered [...]


Painting the Bedroom

After my 10-mile run, I laid around the apartment and snacked on some mini candies. And later, some cheese and crackers. Around 3 PM, I was suddenly struck by the urge to PAINT.  As I mentioned a few days ago, we are about to re-design the bedroom to make it more "romantic."  The first step [...]


10 Miles

Morning! Sorry I never posted last night; I just wanted a break from blogging.  It was a pretty boring day food-wise, anyway -- just a lunch sammie, yogurt + granola, and pasta for dinner.   I woke up this morning feeling bright and chipper and ready to tackle my Half Marathon Training Program Week 2 [...]


Seasons 52 5.2K Race Report

Today's race was fun, but the weather left me chilled to the very core!! (WHY am I not wearing long sleeves???) Now, starting from the beginning...   Maggie woke me up at 5:20 and I blindly stumbled in the kitchen for a warm and filling breakfast. I had coffee + banana oatmeal. My oatmeal contained: [...]


Blogger Dinner

Real life meet-up time! Before leaving for dinner, I first had to get through my workday.  I resorted to two afternoon snacks... mostly because I was bored and munchy.  Of course, I had yogurt and granola.   And I had a small bowl of Grape Nuts. This evening, Meghann, Melissa, and I met up for [...]


Pre-Race Banter and Tiger Balm

Seriously, TGIF!!   I am very excited about this evening because I'm meeting up with Meghann and Melissa at a hippie vegan restaurant called Ethos for dinner.  It's been a week, so I'm obviously going through intense Meghann withdrawals, and I've never met Melissa in real life!  YAY!   Meghann, Melissa, Gina, and myself are [...]


My Beating Heart

Morning!  I stayed up very late last night cleaning, but now 1 out of 3 closets are organized.  I threw away so much junk.  Apparently, the Husband has kept every single empty box of every single piece of electronics we have bought since moving 1.5 year ago.  Hmmm.... :)   I stayed up late enough [...]


In and Out Speedwork

My new nickname for speedwork is "in and out"...  I am LOVING speedwork!!  Several of you mentioned earlier in the week that you are afraid of speedwork. I'll admit, it's challenging -- but there are so many aspects of speedwork that ROCK!  Like:   It's so fast.  Today's session took 25 minutes.  Hence, "in and [...]


Runner’s Commandments

Hello, bloggies.   How goes it?  Just about the only thing keeping me alive at this point is the knowledge that tomorrow is Friday. :(   Lunch was very simple and pretty low-cal.  I was saving room for a special dessert! I had a WW pita sammie with turkey and melted Cabot cheese. And a carrot [...]


All About Meghann

Morning!  Boy, it's cold out there! Maggie has a pink turtleneck on under this jacket. :) Breakfast warmed me right up! Just your basic yummy, nutty, fruity oatmeal! :)  My oatmeal contained:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup water 1 sliced banana Toppings: 2 strawberries, mixed nuts, Grape Nuts Greeeeeeat combo! This [...]



I'm glad so many of you seemed to like our wedding pictures. Of course I love sharing them!! Here's four more favorites...   CAKE (my aunt made it)! My Maid(s) of Honor and I during toasts. Jenna, Meghann, and I dancing: The men taking shots over the bar (!!) Awwww memories.   OK -- Food!! [...]


Wedding Proofs

Just in!  Thought I'd share some of my favorites so far....   Getting the garter on: One of my bridesmaids "relaxing" before the event: Me and the girlies: Husband and the boys + dads: A few members of the bridal party, walking down the aisle (yes, we had 7 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen)...: The ceremony [...]

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