Book a Week

I <3 Vega One

My workout yesterday included twenty minutes of jumping on the bed (this is way harder than it sounds!)… And 35 minutes on the trainer. My bike!  Such a beauty.  I haven’t sat on her since October 2013 when I did my Half Ironman.  Which feels like it was forever ago AND like it was just [...]


One Book a Week

My New Year’s Resolution is to read a book every single week for the entire year – that’s a grand total of 52 books.  So far, I’m on track – although I occasionally end up “cramming” on Tuesday and Wednesday nights! However, I have managed to read four books in four weeks.  And it’s been [...]


Thursday Randomness

Last Week’s Workouts  (better late than never, right?)   Monday – Rest Tuesday – 2.2 mile run Wednesday – 3.25 mile run Thursday – Rest Friday – Rest Saturday – 4.0 mile RACE! Sunday – PiYo workout while the kiddos were sleeping.  I got through 20 minutes before I thought the kids were waking up. [...]


This Week’s Book a Week

I recently realized the secret to super savory mini casseroles is to add a LOT of plain Greek yogurt. It adds so much zing and flavor.  I made these last night and have munched on them as both a dinner and breakfast entrée. I'm going to double check this recipe to formerly share next week, [...]


Never Alone! + This Week’s Book

My mom is back in town!  She left for a hot moment and then I begged to her to come back.  She happily obliged.  This is all part of my master plan to never, ever be left alone with my toddler and baby until they are teenagers (just kidding… well, kind of – the thought [...]

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