August 2013

New Favorite Snack

Creamy, crunchy, sweet, salty… chocolately.  Everything I want in a snack.  Or, um, a breakfast. The ingredients:   Vanilla Greek Yogurt Blueberries Dark Chocolate Raw Oats Roasted Salted Almonds All together in my OBol...  Which, by the way, is a genius invention (when you eat cereal, you put the milk on the left and the [...]


Crafty – Again

The crafty, do-it-yourself craze continues in the Boyle household.  We can’t get enough of Home Depot.  Here are two small projects that we tackled over the weekend.  I love small projects that make a really, really big difference! Up first: DIY Mirror Frame. As I wrote in my last Crafty post, we’re trying to make [...]


Last Week’s Workouts

Four weeks down, eight to go until the Half Ironman! Very, very pleased with last week’s workouts, but even more excited that today is Monday and that means REST.   Physically speaking, it was a hard week!   Monday:  Rest Tuesday:  1:20 hour bike (outdoors) + 2.2 mile run Wednesday: 2500 yard swim + strength [...]


Little Workout Buddy

I have been lucky enough to have several awesome workout buddies over the last six years or so:   Meghann and Megan (my Orlando running buddies) BFF Lauren (we trained together ‘virtually’ through emails for the Disney Marathon) Nicole (we used to be neighbors here in Charlotte, and it made it super easy to run [...]

Healthy Tipping Point