April 2013

Need-To-Know USAT Triathlon Rules

A few weeks after posting my Should You Buy a USA Triathlon Membership? post, I received my USAT welcome pack in the mail.  One of the goodies that I received was a mini rule book for triathlons, and I’ve been flipping through it whenever I have some down time.   I discovered a few rules [...]


Challenge Wrap-Up

Well, it’s just one of those days. I spent the morning at AT&T because I dropped my iPhone yesterday during a training run – destroying the screen.  Then, I was informed that my cell insurance plan was officially dropping me because I’ve filed “too many claims.”  Whoops.  Afterwards, I drove to the supermarket to pick [...]


Better Grilled Cheese

We are having a very relaxing mommy-Henry day. Nothing else to do. No conference calls to attend, no freelance deadlines to juggle.  Just me and my boy.  I like it! Here’s my favorite way to liven up a grilled cheese sammie – an apple!   Mmmm.  Sharp cheddar cheese + slices of Golden Delicious.  Perfecto. [...]



Did I get you?  It’s getting harder and harder to trick my readers, but I know I got at least a few of you! I guess I’m getting a reputation as a prankster.  My favorite HTP April Fools posts include…   Wealthy Tipping Point – I won the lottery (and changed my blog name, of [...]


We Adopted a Pony

Met our newest furbaby, sweet Emma. Oh yes.  You know how I always joke that my house is a zoo?  It certainly felt like a zoo between the Husband and myself, brother-in-law Nick, baby Henry, the pups James Bond and Maggie Thatcher, and our other recent addition, Pippa Middleon the cat.  But now it’s a [...]

Healthy Tipping Point