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Best Sports Bra Ever

So I was digging through my exercise clothing drawer (okay – it’s actually four drawers!) and trying to organize things.  I’ve weighed between 125 – 165 pounds in the last year, and I own a ton of gear in a wide range of sizes.  Every time I get dressed for a workout, I end up [...]


Five for Fighting {+ A Sports Bra Review}

When I began to run again after a 28 week hiatus (I stopped running at 16 weeks pregnant and didn’t start up again until 4 weeks post-partum), I knew I could look at my return to fitness in two ways.  Either  “I am slow, my endurance is crap, and I’m carrying all this extra weight” [...]


How to Wash a Sports Bra

When it comes to sports bras, I’m a pretty tough critic.  That’s why I was intrigued when Champion sent me a link to their Bra Finder website. You answer a few questions (size, activity level, bra style – such as racer back, wire free, front closure) and the site whittles down your options to a [...]


More Sports Bras for the B.T.C.

Back in 2011, I wrote a post called “Sports Bras for the B.T.C.”  B.T.C., if you will recall your middle school acronyms, stands for Big Titty Committee.  While women with smaller breasts can get away with any old sports bra, a larger chest requires a seriously great sports bra.  To me, a great sports bra [...]


Sports Bras for the B.T.C.

When I was younger, one of the primary reasons I avoided working out was that I was pretty embarrassed about how much my breasts moved during exercise.  By the time I entered high school, I was a 34D, which looked especially large on my petite frame.  Our society assumes that larger breasts are the best [...]

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