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A Perfect Day

Dare I say that I had a perfect day?  Between my awesome 4.0-miler race, a three-hour nap session, and a wonderful dinner party hosted by Michelle, I feel SO relaxed.   Plus – I checked my e-mail and saw a message from a reader named Cate, who told me she saw the book ON THE SHELF [...]


Alright.  The wiener dog is out of the bag. Note:  I think the fact that Maggie let me put her in a grocery bag and take photos of her is a prime example of why I love that silly little dog so much.  :)   Operation Beautiful is going to be on The Today Show!  [...]


Operation Beautiful at PCT

The presentation at Pennsylvania College of Technology went so well!  I am relieved and excited.  Lots of women – and men – turned up, and people were talkative.  Rewind a bit…   I took a nap this afternoon and then went in search of food.  So many people recommended Wegman’s hot and cold bar, so [...]

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