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Brandi and I crushed an 8 mile run yesterday.  We are just a few weeks out from the triathlon and figured it would be nice to go over the race’s 10K distance.  I wanted us to go slowly and take walking breaks up big hills – the more time on my feet, the better!  I am excited for this race but also nervous because, well, an Olympic triathlon is really freaking far (1500 meter swim, 28 mile bike, 6.2 mile run).  You can’t fake your way through an Oly! 


Right now, my plan for the race is:


Swim slow + steady

Bike slow + steady

Run balls to the wall


Nutrition and Hydration are being NAILED lately.  I’m not sure if it’s the Skratch electrolyte powder. that I’ve been drinking or the timing of my Gus (I took these at mile 4.8 and mile 5.5)… or maybe it’s my pre-run breakfast, which I switched from a peanut butter sandwich to potatoes and eggs.  But I feel really strong on my long runs!  Wahoo.


We stopped at a grocery store for cold water halfway through.  And here’s my latest trick – I put a big squirt of sunscreen in a Ziploc bag and store it in my SpiBelt so I can reapply halfway through.  I sweat off the first application pretty quickly.


When I got home, Kristien told me that Henry said, “Let’s do a triathlon like Mommy. But Daddy, let’s not swim. Or bike. Let’s just run.”  And then he started to do laps around the dining room table.  <3  That kiddo LOVES to run.  Hah!


So… I am thinking of signing up for this Half Marathon at the end of September.   It’s close to my house and the course is supposed to be very nice (and shaded).  I am trying to talk a few of my friends into it, too.   The more the merrier, right?!


After this triathlon is over, I’m going to switch to doing boot camp <3 <3 <3 and long runs as my workouts.  I’ve really been enjoying my longer runs during my triathlon training and want to  keep it up!   Plus, it’s so nice to do long runs during the Fall, isn’t it?  I am very much looking forward to Fall running!


What was your best workout of the week?



  • Erica {Erica@EricaDHouse.com} July 27, 2015, 7:14 am

    I just posted this morning about how much I miss running! Currently 34 weeks pregnant, so my workouts are mostly strength training, walking, and barre at home. Can’t wait to sign up for my first post-baby race!

  • julia@yogawinehappiness.com July 27, 2015, 8:13 am

    Wow! I’m so impressed by your workouts! I love half marathons! To me it is the perfect distance.

  • Sagan July 27, 2015, 9:19 am

    Haha, your plan! It made me giggle 🙂 Potatoes & eggs are one of the BEST breakfasts for workout fuel!

    My best workout of the week is (pretty much always) Combat class. Love it.

  • Emily July 27, 2015, 9:36 am

    Mama, you are looking lean and muscular! Whatever workouts you’re doing are clearly working for you! Keep it up; I know you’ll crush your tri 🙂

    • Caitlin July 27, 2015, 9:40 am


      • Reenie July 27, 2015, 10:31 am

        I was going to say the same thing! You look great!! 🙂

  • Paige @ Your Trainer Paige July 27, 2015, 10:29 am

    Ooh, Scratch is right here in Boulder! They gave me a bag at the GoPro Games in Vail, and I LOVE it! Now I drink it anytime I go on a really long hike 🙂

  • Christine @ BookishlyB July 27, 2015, 10:55 am

    Before someone says it no-so-nicely, you misspelled “marathon” in the title (“marthon.”)

    • Caitlin July 27, 2015, 11:07 am

      Hahah oh no I did!

  • Amanda July 27, 2015, 10:57 am

    I haven’t had Gu in a long time, and for some reason, I love it. I’m now looking forward to going for a run just so I can try some new Gu… I am so weird.

  • Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine July 27, 2015, 12:29 pm

    I love the sunscreen in a bag! Perfect idea!

  • Breanne July 27, 2015, 1:37 pm

    That sunscreen idea is genius! I burnt so bad on my run on Saturday. I’m just starting to truly rebuild my running base before I hunker down for true “training” for the Princess Half Marathon in February (my first WDW race, I’ve done DL before). I’m actually currently debating the 10K the day before…

    • Jenny Paxton July 28, 2015, 10:23 pm

      You are going to LOVE it! I just signed up for the third year in a row, second year doing the Glass Slipper Challenge. If it’s still available, go for it! I love doing the 10K and then the half 🙂

  • Nina July 27, 2015, 2:10 pm

    …Would it be less messy to put some sunscreen into a small travel size container that you could fit in your belt? Then you’re not wasting plastic bags and you have more control over it. I’m losing my mind imagining putting my hand into a plastic baggie of goop. 😉

    • Caitlin July 27, 2015, 2:21 pm

      I think it would make the belt too bulky, and then I would have to carry the container after I use it. I usually just find a trashcan and toss the bag after I apply it. But you’re right – a waste of plastic!

  • Laura @ Semi-Vegetarian.com July 27, 2015, 3:11 pm

    Your legs are looking so strong! I’ve been loving workouts from FitnessBlender.com. Free workouts on YouTube that are all do-able at home! You can create a free account on their website and save your favorite videos (they have over 400!).

  • Erin @ Her Heartland Soul July 27, 2015, 3:20 pm

    Way to go!! Hard work pays off!!

  • Melissa July 28, 2015, 2:04 am

    My best workout ended up being walking 9 miles sightseeing in Thessaloniki, Greece…which, combined with 100 degree heat, was just a little intense…

    Good luck with the rest of training and with the race!

    • Caitlin July 28, 2015, 9:13 am

      Sounds awesome!!

  • Dottie (@crazyfitmommy) July 28, 2015, 9:45 am

    I can’t wait for fall runs! It’s still 105+ here, so outdoor runs are nearly impossible for the next month or two and I really miss running outside. My kiddos really miss being pushed in the stroller too, so it’ll be awesome when fall weather finally hits! 🙂

  • Kate July 28, 2015, 7:38 pm

    You must have an iron stomach if you can handle 2 GUs during an 8 mile run !!

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