July 2009

Summit Announcement and the Racevine

I have an exciting Healthy Living Summit announcement:  the winner of the free Golden Ticket I gave away last month cannot attend anymore, so I'm going to be raffling off her free ticket TOMORROW.  Come back in the morning to learn more!   I've had a busy day at work, but that's OK with me.   [...]


Call for Interviews!

Exciting news:  this week will be a short week for me!  As I am under a LOT of stress lately, I decided to ask my boss for some unpaid time off (I don't have any vacation time accrued).  As long as I get my work done, I can take off Thursday, Friday, and Monday -- [...]


Calm After the Storm

I feel like my weekend was a whirlwind!  I am glad to be sitting on my behind and relaxing now.   After posting my race recap, I ate some cherries and collapsed in bed.  I was so tired and needed to nap desperately. I woke up and proceeded to ice my knees... again. Since being [...]


Moss Park Triathlon Relay – Race Recap

Triathlon relays are so much fun! Ryan, Megan, and I made a great team. The relay really played up our strengths and we finished our Olympic Triathlon in 2 hours, 37 minutes! AND I finished a 5.6 mile run in 49:49 minutes. THAT'S RIGHT - 8:48 MINUTE MILES FOR 5.6 MILES!!! This is the first [...]


Pre-Race Post

Gonna make this snappy - I have a race to prepare for!   The Husband and I went out to dinner and a movie.  We saw Harry Potter, which I thought was very good but kind of slow.   Before we left, I snacked on cherries.  We ate dinner at Dandelion CommuniTea (a vegan restaurant).  [...]


Help Me Pick a Cocktail Dress!

I was released from my weekend job at the clinic a little early today -- sooo exciting!  I packed a healthy lunch to hold me over.  All of my coworkers go out to lunch at Friendly's or Olive Garden and spend so much money -- I would rather just bring my own food! Cold black [...]


Post Its Galore!

I managed to fall asleep around 11:30 last night after popping an over-the-counter sleep aid.  I hardly ever take those types of medications, but I simply could NOT turn my brain off -- it was racing.  I kept thinking about the Healthy Living Summit.  It's just a few weeks away and I'm so excited about [...]


Friday Productiveness

You know you are getting old when you stay in on a Friday night to work.  :)  But it's fun working (writing), so I don't really mind.   My tummy is terribly off.  I think I have a stomach virus, actually -- I REALLY hope it goes away before my race on Sunday!   After [...]


Successes Galore!

My half day of work turned into 2/3 day of work, but that's OK. I'm free now, and that's all that matters! :)   For lunch, I had a PB sammie with a carrot and cherries. PB sammie was the only food that seemed interesting to me at lunch.  I'm dealing with some yucky tummy [...]


Pretty Oats

Good morning!  I overslept and woke up with a stiff neck from biking.  It's always surprising to me how much my muscles rebel when I take a few days off.  I couldn't fit in my run this morning, but I did lots of stretches, and I'm going to run later (working a 1/2 day, woo [...]


Stonyfield Rocks

The stray cat Mitch (I think his new name is Laser) was adopted by Megan's BFF Debbie and her boyfriend. Bye Mitch!  I'll miss you!  :)   I got home super early today from work and made the conscious decision NOT to do any more work.  It feels so good to just do nothing and [...]


Do I Look Like a Sucker to You?

Because I think I'm the world's biggest sucker for a furry face! Yes... the stray cat (now named Mitch) is inside my house, hanging out on my desk. He is so cute, but WE CANNOT KEEP HIM.  I've looked for "lost pet" ads and checked Craigslist, but no luck.  I'm pretty sure he was dumped, [...]


Triathlon Relay Tee’s

Ryan and Megan got together this afternoon and made us all Triathlon Relay Tee's!  I can't wait to wear them during the race on Sunday (I'm doing the run portion).  You'll have to come back and check them out on Sunday (I hear they are top secret)!   Other than that, it was just another [...]


Did Your Pet Adopt You?

I found the poster of the mysterious Operation Beautiful note I wrote about this morning!  Check out the morning post for the update -- what a happy story! :)   In other news, look who I found on my porch this morning: A stray kitty! He has a flea collar on, but no ID and [...]

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