June 2009

Holy Blogger Summit!

WOW - The Healthy Living Summit sold in 15 minutes FLAT.  We know there were PayPal issues, and we are very sorry for the confusion.  You guys literally CRASHED the system!    I'm looking forward to seeing you all in BOSTON! And I'm sure there will be a Healthy Living Summit 2010, so stayed tuned! [...]


Sneaky Protein Pizza

Lunch was SO good today! To make Sneaky Protein Pizza, I mixed 1/4 cup (measured dry) cup cooked lentils with 1/4 cup pasta sauce, slathered it on top of a Flat Out Wrap, topped it with cheese, and baked it for about 10 minutes at 350. Truly a fabulous and quick dish (especially if you [...]


Caitlin’s Race Diary

Since there are so many new readers, I thought I'd put together a video Race Diary of the last three years.  Check it out below, and learn about the time I:   Ran a 15.4-mile trail race Yakked at the finish line Raced in three races in one weekend Got disqualified from a race Won [...]


The Golden Ticket Goes To….

Evening, friends!  I am one tired puppy tonight.  Work was... you know... work!  As good as it can be.   My afternoon snacks included cereal: Carrots and a plum: And I diverted from the normal pattern of mid-afternoon snacking (1 carb, 1 fruit/veggie) to have a piece of PB toast.  I was super hungry, and [...]


Don't forget to enter the Golden Ticket giveaway for a chance to win a ticket to the Healthy Living Summit!   Today has been a whirlwind. I have SO much to do with my job, the blog(s), and the Summit that I was up at 5:00 AM to work.  The Husband sleepily asked as I [...]


The Golden Ticket

Crossing your fingers that you'll get one of the 125 tickets to the Healthy Living Summit?  Well, my blog friends, look no further, because I've got one Golden Ticket right here! Cue: Oompa Loompas.    Here are the details:   What:  One free Golden Ticket to the Healthy Living Summit.  Details:  This ticket covers your [...]


Rainy Run

Today was my first attempt at taping my own knees: Let me tell you, it was a mission and a half to tape my own knees!  I think it took four tries and the right side was definitely taped better than the left (I could tell on my run).   It was pouring during my [...]


Healthy Living Summit Announcement!

Regarding the comments that Maggie could in fact run with me and she doesn't need a doggie jogging stroller, you have clearly never met my fat little moo cow. :)  Maggie spends most of her day like this: And walking around the block is enough exercise to knock her into a coma-like sleep on the [...]


I Need a Doggie Jogging Stroller

I was pretty mad at myself this morning because I overslept by a whole hour -- I really wanted to wake up early and get stuff done!  I'm definitely a morning person that would rather rise before the sun than stay up late.   I still managed to get some of my "To Do's" done, [...]


My Husband, the Pizza Chef!

Good evening!  After a 14-hour work day and juggling three jobs (yes, blogging counts), I was SO happy to come home to this dinner: BEST. HUSBAND. EVER!   The Husband made a thin-crust whole wheat pizza with red pepper and onion.  I had 1/4 of the pie: I was really hungry by the time I [...]


Planning and Tracking Workouts

For some yummy recipes, check out Jenna's new E-Cookbook! All proceeds go to the fight against cancer.  Visit her blog for more info.   The bright spot of the morning was definitely kissing the Husband good-bye and watching him drive off in his new car!  He looked so happy.  :)   Snackies included: Apricots + [...]


Good morning! I am in such a good mood this morning, and I think its because I squeezed in a fun living room workout.   The oldest excuse in the book is "I don't have enough time to exercise!"  But after my running hiatus due to my knee injury and picking up a second job, [...]


New Car!

I figured out the car-shopping experience today.  In 100-degree heat, an umbrella is required: We looked around at two more dealerships early this afternoon.  The Husband and I definitely had a clearer idea of what we wanted and did not like today, so it made the process go a little quicker.   I snacked on [...]


Sunday Bike Ride

Good morning!  I hope you're having a fabulous day!  I managed to get the Husband up for an early morning bike ride.  It was glorious, and I'm so glad I have a biking buddy now!   I had a whole wheat bagel with 1/2 a banana and PB before our ride. I saved the other [...]

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