Successful Vegetarian Day

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Aaaaah I quite enjoyed pretending to be a vegetarian for a day.  It’s challenge not to automatically plan a meal around a meat. But, I feel like I ate such a variety of healthy, whole foods!


And… I had at least 65-75 grams of protein!  I stopped counting around mid-day (things got a little hairy at work), so that’s just an educated guess.



Dinner was a warm falafel pita, stuffed with green onions, red onions, and a tablespoon or two of Greek yogurt.


I used a great vegan box mix from Fantastic World Foods.  I’ve been slowly chipping away at this mix for two months! 🙂 AND it only takes 8 minutes to bake.


I also had a "salad side" of cottage cheese and a sliced plum tomato. It was a perfectly filling dish.


Other Eats of the Day


About 1.5 hours before my run (details below), I had a slice of WW toast and some cheddar cheese.


A few hours before that, I had two mini-Larabars (coconut cream pie and cashew cookie) and took my glucosamine and calcium supplements. 🙂


Annnnnnd before that… I had a carrot + cashew butter.  Maggie stared me down until I let her have some of the carrot! 🙂


Lake Eola Downtown Run


I met up with Meghann for an afternoon run…. we ran 4.0 miles and walked around 1.0 mile. I wish my last run before my half marathon had felt… better? easier? faster?  But the first few miles were quite a struggle, and my right leg continues to feel a little wonky and off.  ARGGGG!


But it was still a pretty pleasant run and it was nice to see Meghann. 🙂


Here are my statistics:


  • Duration: 47 minutes (for about 4 miles + 1/2 of our 1.0 mile walk)
  • Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm
  • Maximum Heart Rate: 176 bpm
  • Calories Burned: 385


I’m pooped! Good night, sleep tight! 🙂


Oh, and side note… I think I’m going tomorrow AND Friday off from exercising.  My leggies need a break!



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