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Good afternoon! I just got put on a new project at work (yayyy), which means I am suddenly very busy.  As a result, this post will be more pictures than words. 🙂


My mid-morning snack was Kashi Heart to Heart, raisins, and almonds. 


And for lunch, I had the Perfect Baked Tofu, brown rice, and leftover roasted brussel sprouts.



So far, vegetarian day is going quite well, and I’ve managed to have about 40 grams of protein.  That’s about halfway to my daily goal (typically, I shoot for 70 – 90 grams).


I’m super excited because Meghann and I are meeting for a post-work run downtown at my favorite running spot.  :)  Yipeeee for running friends!


And because this post was lacking in interesting facts and random thoughts from yours truly, I will leave you with photographs of cute puppies.  Because, really, is there anything better than photographs of cute puppies?


Maggie lays in this bed all day long and watches me work.  She only moves to pee outside three times a day.


And James sits in his window shelf and stares out at the parking lot all day.  He enjoys barking frantically at squirrels and chasing his tail around the apartment. 


Back to the grind!

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  • Heather May 13, 2010, 7:54 am

    i like that you ate kashi heart to heart out of that heart dish.

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