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Oh, my! Am I glad it’s Friday… what a week. It was pretty boring workday.  I kept hearing James sigh from his bed (yes, a dog that sighs. He’s very expressive).


I think the Green Gorilla Smoothie helped keep me full ALL DAY (perhaps all that fiber), because I wasn’t that hungry at my normal lunch time OR my normal mid-afternoon snack time.  Around 4:00, I decided it was time to eat and had Grape Nuts + Apricots with skim milk.


At 5:30, I was freeeeeeee and took some time to work on the blog layout.  How do you feel about the three column format?  I’d a proud FoodBuzz Publisher now and I wanted to give them some prime real estate on the blog!


I snacked on two Ryvita Sunflower Seed and Oats Crispbreads with a little PB around 7.  Then, I met my neighbor at the dog park and let Maggie and James run around like crazy pups.


Dinner had to be a quick, two-pot meal because we have friends coming over.  Future Husband and I made brown rice + chicken, corn kernels, and sweet peas in a gravy (made with Hodgson Mills Insta Bake… love that stuff!).


A nice, juicy tomato rounded on the meal. 


Alright, I’m off! Have a wonderful night, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a 9.0 or 10.0 miler! ECK! I’ve got to start putting in the longer distances now… the 1/2 marathon is 3 weeks!  However, I might break the No Booze Month sabbatical.  🙂 I’m feeling like a brew-hahah is in order after this long week!

***Edited to Add: Is anyone else having trouble viewing the three column format with the FoodBuzz ad on the upper right? Please let me know!



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