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Sometimes it’s best to get your workout done first thing in the morning…. it just frees up the day for much more entertaining  activities!   Before I left, I had two lovely macaroons, which Gina gave me last night at dinner.


And then, Meghann and I took a trip to the best WHOLE FOODS ever!  This one just opened and it is ginormous. I literally squealed in excitement when I saw this amazing WALL OF BARS! 


Here’s Meghann pretending to be Vanna White.  Pick a bar, any bar!


We also got some yummy eats.  Like… food from the hot and cold bars.


From upper left to right… Chicken Vindaloo, a wild rice mix, tabbouleh, a stuffed grape leaf, a creamy broc mix, and green beans.  On the side, I had a Honest Tea Peppermint flavor.


And then Meghann and I split a gelato. I had coconut.  The guy seemed rather surprised we both didn’t want our own ice cream! 🙂 But this was the perfect size.


Then, we met up with my neighbor and took our doggies to the dog park. They happily posed for pictures, too!





Time to watch some FOOTBALL! See you for dinner!


What’s your all-time favorite bar? I bought a load of new ones, like Z-bar (never tried it before), a new Larabar flavor, and a Jocalot bar (never tried it, either!).  I think my current favorite is Coconut Cream Pie Larabar. 🙂



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