Hungry or Sick?

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You know that icky feeling when you can’t tell if you’re ill or hungry? I totally got struck by that sensation today; my symptoms included a raging headache and a tummy ache.  It started around 10:00 AM, and I tried to ride out the feeling (thinking I was just getting sick), eating a small snack like I normally would in the morning:



But, alas, the juicy plum and yummy apricots didn’t make my headache go away, so I sat down for lunch at 11:30 (so EARLY!).  I made a Kashi Pilaf, black bean, green pepper, tomato, and sauteed spinach stir-fry.


When I was adding pepper to the wok, the top of the shaker came off and pepper went EVERYWHERE! I had to throw out half the rice and add in more black beans from the can.  I topped it off with some goat cheese to help cool the dish off.


This when the hungry vs. ill conundrum really started.  I ate my lunch and still felt icky.  I knew I had technically had "enough" fuel so far in the day, but something inside me told me to KEEP EATING! 


So I did. 🙂


One ginorumous bowl of Grape Nuts, granola, and yogurt later–I feel MUCH better.  It’s strange how your body’s cues and desires for fuel can vary so much from one day to the next, especially considering I didn’t work out yesterday!


Now that my headache is gone, it’s back to work for me! Have a good day!


Countdown to The Biggest Loser:  7 hours (East Coast time)!!



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