Hey, Legs–We’ve Got to Talk!

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I used tonight’s 5.25 mile run as an opportunity to break in my new sneakers.  The first few times I run on a new pairs of sneakers always feel a little strange–I think my feet have to squish down the padding in just the right way.  Of course, the number one rule of running is to NEVER break in a new pair of sneakers on race day! 


My legs felt a little heavier when I first started to run–I hate that feeling!  It’s like my brain wants my legs to work faster than they are willing to…. so I gave my legs a little talking to after the first 0.5 mile.


I thought, "OK legs… listen up! We are not going to have a painfully slow run–so loosen up and start movin!" And lo and behold–it worked!  I got into my rhythm quickly, and the run was glorious. Here are my statistics:


  • Duration: 56 minutes (5.25 mile run, including a cool down)
  • Average Heart Rate: 166 bpm
  • Maximum Heart Rate: 187 bpm
  • Calories Burned: 494


Dinner – Veggie Spaghetti Bolognese


By the end I got home and showered, I knew I needed something quick and easy for dinner.   This dinner literally took 9 minutes.


Plus, the Veggie Spaghetti Bolognese only involved THREE ingredients:  whole wheat pasta, Morning Star Meal Starter faux meat, and pasta sauce.  All we had to do was cook the pasta.  Then, we mixed the faux meat into the sauce and heated it on the stovetop.


Whenever I have pasta, I try to literally balance it out on my plate with a big veggie salad.  I had spinach, tomato, carrots, and a few pine nuts–no dressing required!


Pre-Run Snack


I left for my run at 6:00.  So, around 4:00, I had two crackers with cashew butter.  I also snacked on a handful of grapes while working.


FSCN9227 Well, I’m off to finish watching The Biggest Loser… so far, I’m loving the YELLOW TEAM! The girl on the yellow team is so inspirational and loves her dad so much! I was very impressed she beat out all the other teams to win immunity by RACING to the top of that mountain…. ROCK ON!


I also really liked how each team meet with a doctor to go over the health impacts of their lifestyle.  The most illuminating part was the contestants’ biological age vs. their physical age.  However, I wish they would focus on NUTRITION a little bit more! I’m sure they cover it with the contestants, but I want to see it, too!


Well, have a great night.  I’m going to head out for a early morning run because Meghann and Jenna are coming over for a pot luck tomorrow night. 


Sleep tight!



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