OK, I am SURE there are normal personal trainers out there…. like Kelly, from http://everygymsnightmare.com/. She seems normal, funny, and intelligent. But, I SWEAR to the heavens above, every time I go see a personal trainer they are such plain weird, cocky, or seriously under-certified!

Obviously, my personal training session wasn’t amazing (the guy made me feel a bit awkward, although he did seem informed and have some good tricks), but I did learn some important things about myself:

  • I really, really need to do more strength training, especially in my core. I was ALL over the place during resistance band exercises and other stuff that requires staying “steady.” It was a little embarrassing!
  • Breaking up my strength works into “arms” and “legs” doesn’t work. These are the muscle groups I should be strength training: legs, shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, and abs.
  • In relation to this morning’s post about glycogen depletion on long runs, my pre-workout “snack” for long runs days (which normally consist of a coffee with half and half) isn’t cutting it! I think I’m burned off muscle!
  • Compared to January 2008, my body fat % has dropped by 1.5% since I started training for my summer long distance races. However, I’ve gained 5 lbs, so that means I’ve at least put on some muscle mass and reduced my body fat! Yay for running!
What does all this mean? I’m not sure…. I’m considering adding in some more weight training… but I’m not going to drop down my mileage! I AM going to make an effort to eat better pre-run snacks, including a carb and protein before and a protein afterwards. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Dinner – Platter

Dinner consisted of a MAJOR platter of items: multi-grain bread with turkey slices and cheddar cheese (I had five), a fruit bowl of strawberries and a plum, and a veggie bowl of carrots, green peppers, tomato, green onions, and cucumber drizzled with balsamic.

Afternoon Snacks

A bowl of raisins….

Some non-fat plain all natural yogurt, Kashi Go Lean!, Grape Nuts, and strawberries…

And my pre-workout snack, a banana with PB (which, according to my trainer is “the perfect” pre-workout snack!)

I need some Michael Phelps in my life… good night! 🙂



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