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My appointment with the florist was a success! We signed the contract and it’s all paid for. She gave off a great energy…. plus, she was totally willing to work within my budget, which I love. Some vendors are really snotty or try to make you feel bad about asking for a discount. This florist was creative and willing to work with me, not against me!

My bouquet will be a combination of skyline roses, white orchids, green button mums, and green hydrangea viburnum. The bridesmaid’s bouquets will be the same, but with daises instead of roses and orchids. The grooms will have green button mum boutonnieres, and Future Husband will have a nice skyline rose and white orchid boutonniere…. how dashing!

In case you are like me and cannot tell a rose from a tulip, here’s pictures (skyline roses first, then orchid, green button mums, daisies and hydrangea viburnum). I AM SO EXCITED!


Before I left for the florist, I had turkey, spinach, and 1 ounce of cheddar on 5 inches of toasted French bread. Alongside I had a sliced carrot. I try to only eat WW bread, but I make an exception for French bread… it’s so delicious.

Back to work… of course, I work on an off day! Enjoy your Friday afternoon.

Edited to Add:

Snack – 4:30 PM

I have a problem– I cannot sit at the computer and work without munching. This is really bad because I make my living as a writer…. arg! What a bad habit. I have to break this! So I made myself a nice pine nuts, hummus, and veggie platter with two Wasa crackers on the side…

Veggies are perfect for muching! 🙂



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