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lost keys

This morning, the Husband and I searched for TWO HOURS (I am not exaggerating) for his car keys.  I had them last, but we’re pretty sure a kiddo picked them up and hide them… somewhere?  Hopefully not down that AC vent, which is where I was convinced they were for about 10 minutes (verdict:  I don’t think so, although I did find a bunch of other stuff and a lot of dust).  Eventually, we gave up, and he UBERed to work.


This afternoon, we located the spare key, but the main set is still missing in action.


Which brings me to this Amazon purchase…

71p11 IsrHL._SL1500_

Click and Dig promises me that the receiver’s radio frequency can penetrate walls, cushions, couches – so it better be able to penetrate toy boxes (and, I know, I know – we should really just put the keys in a drawer where little hands can’t reach).


And actually, THE SAME EXACT THING happened to us last week.  We got both kids in the car before realizing that we couldn’t find my keys.  We DESTROYED the house looking for them.  Turns out that Henry had them in his hands and had dropped them under the back seat of the car.  Ahhh.


NEVER AGAIN, my friends.  Seriously.  I am going to weld that Click and Dig thingie onto my keychain.


Other products that I never knew I needed until it was too late:


Find My iPhone:  I didn’t realize this app was pretty clutch until I misplaced my phone at a football game (I’m pretty sure it was actually stolen – still makes my blood boil).


Traveler’s Insurance:   Remember when we went to Ocean Isle Beach this spring with a bunch of friends, only to be hit with Tropical Storm Ana?  I never buy Traveler’s Insurance, which covers stuff like that, and not only was our beach trip cut short by a day and a half, but the rental house actually flooded!  LUCKILY – I was not in charge of booking the house for the trip, so we had insurance (I was so pleasantly surprised).  We got back nearly $1000 between the five couples.  Whoop whoop.


What else?  What do I need to buy BEFORE I get into another jam?


Sunny Sunday

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Did you have an awesome weekend?  Ours was busy but great.


We actually spent a lot of time just hanging out in our backyard.  A chill is definitely in the air – you can tell that winter is coming!  I felt like we were all trying to soak up the last bits of sun and sandals weather before it completely slips away. 


I love that I can cut a bouquet of roses from our garden!  Kristien takes care of our two bushes – thank goodness for him.  I have the blackest thumb and they would never survive under my care!


Two healthy highlights on Sunday were…

#1 – I started Round 2 of Vegetarian Whole 30 <—explanation (it’s not regular Whole 30).  I feel pretty darn great after Day 1.   I’m hoping this Round will be easier than the last one because I’m not as addicted to sugar.  I added sugar back in after my first experience with VW30 but never to the level that I was before!


Breakfast was collard greens, strawberries, and eggs with sliced almonds and a heap of coconut oil (almonds are so great in eggs – trust me!).


And lunch was this epic salad, which had greens, carrots, tomatoes, chickpeas, snap peas, roasted potatoes, almonds, olive oil, salt, and mustard galore.  I love mustard on salads.


Annnnd then I stopped photographing food because my life was consumed by this type of kiddo chaos.  Not super conducive to food photography, know what I mean?


But trust me, the rest of my Vegetarian Whole 30 meals were all sorts of awesome.


#2 – I had an epic strength training session at the gym.  I focused on chest, shoulders, and triceps.  Then I did 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Afterwards, I met up with Brandi and her kids and we did a few rounds of suicide dashes on the basketball court for a little HIIT action.  The kids raced, too!

FullSizeRender (44)

All in all, a pretty nice Sunday!


And in other news, Claire is really starting to walk.  After weeks of only taking a step at a time, she has suddenly graduated to a maximum of six or seven.  She’s still pretty wobble but man – it’s gonna happen for real very, very soon!  Fun fact – the way she’s walking right now (at 10 1/2 months), Henry could do at 8 months!  3 years later, I’m still struggling to keep up with him.


Have an awesome week, lovelies!


Less is More

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I made it to boot camp!  I made it to boot camp!

FullSizeRender (2)

I am trying to get back into the swing of things, fitness-wise, but have been balancing a desire to sweat more with a need to calm my schedule down and workout intuitively – not just because a training plan says I have to.  Know what I mean?


I used my gym’s boot camp to get back into shape after Claire’s birth (here’s my 6 week report and my 14 week report). I seriously love the classes but have found it difficult to coordinate Claire’s naps and Henry’s school with the sessions.  I’ve been doing the class’s style on my own at the gym or at home with my weights, but there is nothing like an official boot camp session!  I was so glad that I finally made it back.


This workout was five rounds of the following moves:


15 stability ball dumb bell bench presses (I used 12.5 pounders)

20 tricep dips or extensions

14 boom shuffle (basically squatting down to pick up a 20 – 50 pound ball and dropping it)

20 V sit-ups (crunch up while bringing up a leg, twisting to touch your toe, and repeating on the other side)

2 laps on the track

20 walking lunges


Doing these moves are great on my own, but I never push myself as hard as I do in class.  I woke up the next morning and, oh man, was I sore!  The back of my arms really hurt (so good).


New favorite La Croix flavor:

FullSizeRender (1)

… Which tastes really good when you combine it with Moscato wine and drink it while on a stroller walk in the MOST PERFECT FALL WEATHER EVER.  Seriously – the temperatures right now in Charlotte are blissful.


Well, tomorrow, I am off on a jet plane for a super busy trip (for Operation Beautiful), so I probably won’t be checking back in for a few days.  If I’m not careful, I tend to take on too much stuff and end up feeling like a crazy person, frantically running around to get everything done.  I have intentionally been signing up for less lately, and I must say that it feels really good to slow down and chill out.  Especially at this time of year, you know? Life can get so nutty in the fall!


What are you slowing down to focus on?  I’ll just be over here, sippin’ on a few more La Croix and wine combos!


Apple Picking

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Yesterday, I had a totally new experience – I went apple picking!


We went with four other families – a grand total of 13 people – to Skytop Orchards, which boasts over a dozen varieties of apples and is a huge tourist attraction in the area. We got there just as the leaves are beginning to turn. The weather was perfect, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day with my family and friends.  It was truly lovely!









The kids eventually got tired of walking up and down the hillsides…


So we plopped them down for a break…


And before I knew it, a wonderful photo-shoot had unfolded!  I got five of the kids to sit in a row – 5 out of 11 isn’t too bad, right?!


And this, my friends, is my favorite photo of my children ever because I feel like it perfectly captures who they are at this exact moment in their lives. And I love how much they look alike.  My loves. <3


Even the momma friends got together for a picture.  We tried to do a kid-less but our munchies ran over, which made us crack up.  I really love this group of women – we do a constant text stream all day, every day, and it sure is helpful to have friends to ask for advice and give kudos and offer support. 


We got home and I busted out a quick 2.0 mile.  Gosh, this weather is excellent for running!


And then the moms went out for dinner all by ourselves, which was pretty fun. We were celebrating two birthdays, which meant we got free cheesecake.  Not too shabby!


What have you “picked”? I have picked APPLES, Christmas trees, pumpkins, strawberries, and pomegranates (pomegranates were really cool – they grow on trees like apples!).


legging giveaway

Oh, I am so excited about this post and giveaway.  My absolute favorite leggings are from White Plum – I have waxed poetic about them numerous times.  Seriously, they are so soft, cozy, and comfortable – and CUTE.  So many adorable styles.


The solid color fleece-lined ones are an excellent choice for Fall/Winter.  They are nice and thick so there’s no see-through fears AND they keep your legs warm in dresses.  The best!


But the prints are super fun too.  I’m a pretty conservative dresser but really do enjoy wearing the crazier leggings.  I like to pair them with something solid (like this gray sweater dress) and always get comments on them when I wear them out and about – people just love to talk leggings!  Speaking of legging talk, if you have NO IDEA how to style leggings, White Plum has an awesome leggings guide that answers every question you could think of (spoiler alert – your top should cover your butt!).

leggings collage

Aren’t the merry plaid leggings perfect for the holidays?  They have so many fun designs!


Guess what?  One lucky reader will win not one, not two, but TEN pairs of leggings!  Amazing, right?  Simply enter using the widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, if you’d like to go ahead and grab a pair of leggings now, use the code HTP25OFF for 25% off your entire order until October 15.  Don’t forget to check out the leggings guide, and good luck on the giveaway!


This giveaway is sponsored by White Plum.

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