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End of the Trip (well, Almost)

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I’m back home!  So excited to be here after being gone for a long, long week.

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I ended my trip in Charlottesville with Kath, Matt and Mazen.   We had an awesome lunch in the walking mall.  It was only after my food was delivered that I realized that I ordered two kind of potatoes – oh well.  You can never go wrong with mashed AND sweet.  Hah.

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In the evening, I went to University of Richmond for my third Operation Beautiful presentation of the week – there was a turnout of about 400 students!  I spoke to around 1000 people this week, which may be a new record for a single week!


Thankfully, I got home early and slept like a rock.



A visit to Kath’s is never complete with oatmeal <— the How-To for her technique.  I was left in charge of stirring it and almost panicked -  I didn’t want to screw it up!  Hah. 


After breakfast, Henry and I drove the 5.5 hours home, picked the dogs up from the kennel, and practically skipped through our front door (where we were reunited with the Husband!).  It feels so good to be back, even if I’m only home until Monday (when I fly to Colorado for my last event).

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I was SO. SO. SO. happy to go on a walk when I got home.  I have not really “exercised” at all in the last 10 days or so – walking around Charlottesville’s walking mall was my big physical activity of the trip.  I feel the lack of movement and excess of car/plane sitting deep, deep in my bones.


On my walk, I was thinking about what I’d like to focus on for the next 5 weeks or so (let the countdown to Little One commence!!):


Wrap up a few long-term work projects <— I swear, if these big ticket items are not done before the baby’s birth, I will never, ever get them done.

Finish cleaning out the last two closets! <— I can do it!

Order all last-minute baby supplies <— easy and fun!

Stay super hydrated

Eat a lot of vegetables

Walk every single day

Try to swim at least twice a week

Soak up time with just the Husband

Soak up time with just Henry

Get one last prenatal massage <— obviously necessary


I’ve been kind of thinking of the past crazy work week as a major milestone on the way to the arrival of Little One… Now that I’m nearly the other side of the work crush, I really want to focus on things at home, my relationships, and my health.  <3 <3 <3  I’m excited to get down to it!


Where I’ve Been

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Guess where I am now?


But first – let me tell you where I’ve been.


Short answer… I feel like I’ve been everywhere!  On Tuesday morning, the Husband and Henry dropped me off at the Philadelphia airport.  I went from Philly –> Des Moines.  Iowa is so pretty this time of year.


I went by a Trader Joe’s for some snack, dinner, and breakfast essentials.


And then I drove to Iowa State University for my first Operation Beautiful presentation of the week.  There was an excellent turnout and my water didn’t break on stage, so – win-win!


Random side note:  I hate fluffy pillows – and hotel pillows are always super fluffy.  Sometimes I put two bath towels in a pillowcase and call it a pillow.  Hah.


On Wednesday morning, I went from Des Moines –> Baltimore.  My layover was actually in the Charlotte airport on both legs of the trip, which was kind of strange.


I had nachos for lunch.  Lunch occurred at 10:30 AM.  Hah.


I left Iowa at 7 AM and landed in Maryland at 1 PM, so I had a few hours to kill before my event at Towson U.  I ended up checking into a cheapo hotel for a few hours just so I could nap and shower… Best $60 I ever spent.


Got Thai food afterwards!  Not ideal public speaking food, but it sure was good.


Then it was time to speak at Towson – we had another awesome turnout of 300+ students.


And Wednesday night after the event, I drove from Maryland –> Virginia (3.5 hours in the dark) and ended up at…


Kath’s house! 


….Where I was reunited with Henry!  Kristien had him on Tuesday and Wednesday but dropped him off at Kath’s on his way to a football game in Blacksburg.  Henry has been thrilled to see his bestie Mazen and play with all his train tracks.  <3


My plan for today includes hanging out with Kath and (God willing) taking a nap.  Because tonight, I’m driving from Charlottesville –> Richmond for an event at University of Richmond!  It’s my third event of the week.  Tomorrow, I drive back home to Charlotte, and then I have a fourth event next Monday.  AND THEN I plan to lay on my pregnant butt for the next five weeks and prepare myself for this baby to arrive!


So, to sum it up, here’s where I’ve been:


Seven cities since Tuesday (Philadelphia, Des Moines, Ames, Baltimore, Towson, Charlottesville, and – later – Richmond), but I’ve been in nine since the start of our vacation (New Hope and Wilmington)

On four flights

In two rental cars

In five different beds since Thursday

With so many friends, new and old

Spreading the happy word of Operation Beautiful:)


What have you been up to this week?