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When people ask me how the pregnancy is going, I have started to tell them the truth:  That I’m exhausted and miserable.  I have never felt soul-crushing exhaustion like I have this pregnancy.  I thought it was bad in the first trimester – it feels two times as bad now!  I know that you’re “suppose” to be all like, “Pregnancy is glorious! Yay! Aren’t I GLOWING?!” but I’m not glowing.  I’m drooling because I’m falling asleep at the dinner table.


Here’s what has helped me:  Coffee.  Exercise (energy begets energy, right?).  Thomas the Tank Engine.  And… well, that’s about it.


Here’s yesterday’s completely sleep-deprived breakfast:


Eggs and toast and, a bit later, a big smoothie.

I hit the gym and did a 900 yard swim workout. I planned to do 1000 but couldn’t finish it up.

photo 3

Here’s the workout:


Warm-Up: 200 Yards

50 Fast, 50 Slow, 50 Kick, 50 Fast

Repeat 50’s set two more times.

Cool-Down: 200 Yards


The Husband was working from home yesterday, and I got to take a GLORIOUS NAP.  When I woke up, I had this awesome salad waiting for me:


Afternoon snacks included some breaded baked tofu and almonds.  Henry didn’t want to eat his cinnamon toasty with his dinner, so I “took one for the team” and finished it for him.


For dinner, I was super lucky – the Husband was back in the kitchen!  He made this meal.  The potatoes were the BEST.  Plus –> more tofu, parsnips with mustard, and greens.


Raise your hand if you want to take a nap right now!



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Yesterday was a fun day that ended (really, really late) with an awesome concert.  Talk about a fun Tuesday!

photo 2

Double Rainbow!


Our morning was spent running around – literally and figuratively.  Henry and I ran/walk about 2.5 miles.  Pushing the jogging stroller is NO JOKE lately.  I felt really good afterwards, though.  Don’t you love that workout sweet spot – when cardio makes you feel super awesome and strong?

photo 1

Then, my dad came over and ran a few errands with me.  We went to the library and checked out a few kiddie books about starting school.  Henry’s preschool starts in just a few weeks, so I’m trying to talk up the concept of school!

photo 2

Fun fact:  Once, when I was about 8, I got stuck in the library elevator – it jammed somehow and it took them forever to free me.  I was with a friend but it was so. not. cool.


Onto the really fun {adult} part of the day – we went to the Dave Matthews Band concert with a group of friends!

photo 3

Another fun fact:  I have been to about 4 Dave shows, including one where he opened for the Rolling Stones back in 1997 or so (awesome!!!).  But the Husband has been to about 14 – FOURTEEN.  He went to a show last year; I haven’t been since I was 20.  It was cool to be back!


Obviously, we showed up when they opened the parking lots (4 PM) and tailgated for a while.  Gotta make use of our tailgate gear during the football off-season!



It was a really easy tailgate to prepare for because our friends split dinner duties.  We were in charge of hamburgers so I made Emily’s black bean burgers (per the usual; I can make these in my sleep now).  Heather made two yummy dips to eat with chips, and Nicole made her grandma’s famous potato salad.



We hung out for a few hours and played tailgating games.  Here’s a new-to-me game – Frisbeer!  You try to knock ‘beer bottles’ off poles using a Frisbee.  Very fun.


We were one of the last groups to head into the concert – we walked in around 7:20 thinking he wouldn’t start for another hour or so, but he began to play at 7:30.  I sent a silent THANK YOU up to God for a concert that actually began early.  YOU ROCK, Dave!!! <— Signs you are getting older.

photo 1

We sat on the lawn, which is always an inteeeeeresting people watching experience.  SO. MANY. DRUNKS.


He played almost all the big favorites!

In fact, here’s his complete setlist from last night – seriously, how great of a setlist is this?!



Ants Marching

Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd

So Damn Lucky

Loving Wings

What Would You Say

Snow Outside

Two Step

Still Water


One Sweet World


Save Me

You Never Know

The Song That Jane Likes

Jimi Thing

Why I Am

If Only


The Riff


Grey Street

The Space Between

Still Water

(Daniel Lanois cover) (Partial)

Don’t Drink the Water


It was a great night, although I am truly paying for it in sleepiness today.  <3


Do you love Dave?  How many times have you seen him live?  What’s your favorite song?  Mine is So Right.  I saw him play it live once and nearly died.